TTWL on Steam, June 23rd

it depends on the game but 70% is not uncommon

Oh wow, that’s a hard pass for me.


I’ll hold out for when we get these kind of discounts

This is how much I paid for BL3 with Season Pass 1
What would it cost me during this sale?


Sees negative posts…

Yeah! Yeah… what kind of a**hole would buy Wonderlands on Steam at these prices!

Makes plans to pick up a Steam card from the Gamestop that’s right on the way home from work tomorrow.

Such garbage. The game’s probably just as bad as BL3!

Quickly checks to make sure the game can be played offline.

I liked Borderlands 3!

Ah sh*t… I confused the italic text and the regular text.

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Thanks! I’ve watched my partner play the DLC’s so far on PS4 and they don’t look as good as Borderlands DLC’s so have been thinking about just getting the base game.


Before I buy the game on Steam I just want to ask in case anybody knows: Does my EPIC characters cross over?

I have one of each character and wouldn’t want to go through the tutorial again for each class. Thank you.

There’s a guide on the homepage for the game


Thank you so much!
I’ll have to figure out how to do manual saves lol. Can’t wait to play this on Steam. For some reason my Epic audio goes out sometimes and I get stuttering sometimes. I hate buying these games twice but alas I have a boring life and like to play Borderlands after work

It’s fairly simple matter of copying the file from the save folder within your “my games” folder in my documents for the game. It will be the equivalent of this:


Install the game, launch it and then quit the game to desktop. Go to that directory and paste the numbered .sav files.

I’m not sure about the directory where the saves are for Epic versions of the game.


In terms of content, I know what to expect from Wonderlands. At the end of the day I’m still a borderlands fan. I was willing to buy the base game at launch before it was an Epic exclusive, so the price isn’t an issue for me. The reason why I’m hesitant to buy it now is because of other games I’m playing/want to buy. If I wasn’t a jaded fan I’d buy the game and season pass right now, but one of the main things that concerns me is whether or not I’ll need mods to fix the game’s balance again, like with BL2 and 3.

Not that I plan to in the immediate future but why on earth would I not spend $16CAD more for the SP? In for penny, in for pound.

Anyhoo, still going to be waiting for it to be substantially cheaper. How much cheaper? Ask me in 6 months.

Appreciate the response. Took me a while to find it since I’m not a computer person but yes what you said worked perfectly. I am now playing my Epic characters on my Steam application just fine. Thank you for all you do

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Just as an update to my last post. Played for a bit. My upgrades didn’t cross over. Like bullets and bank stuff. My bank inventory didn’t cross over. My personalized stuff like Banners and presets didn’t cross over either. Granted, I quite possibly did something wrong but just something people may want to do carefully.

My char lvls and abilities and weapons are all there so it’s fine but I did just lose a few bank things and have to do my customizable stuff again. Not too much of a biggie.

Those items that didn’t cross over are most likely part of the Profile save, but since I don’t know if the connection to the Shift Account connects to your Epic Shift Account I didn’t instruct you to transfer those contents.

There was a link to full instructions on website page link above the screen shot I posted there that takes you to 2k support where they talk about what else to transfer, including the profile save.

@VaultHunter101 this thread should probably be moved to PC Tech Support


Called it.

IIRC, steam discount has nothing to do with the developer (simplified, steam buys a ton of keys/codes and then sells them as they see fit) probably the No.1 reason why they went with EGS exclusive untill now (more money to be made)