TTWL son of a wich

Will this fight ever get fixed. I break his shield run to avoid damage and it’s instantly back. The little bird thing has so much health, it’s so hard to see and it charges the shield way to fast. I’m trying to grind better gear to make it to max level, if I see this fight on an extended run it’s over. I know I need better gear but this is the way to grind it. Getting sick of this.


I was in the same boat. Tried various Sigil spells and was successful. Short spell cooldown with high DPS build will take care of SoW.

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Use area of effect abilities when the shield bird appears. I use a combo of the Calamity spell plus a Reign of Arrows to slaughter the Son of a Witch and his little birdy too. :smile:

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Dreadwind Brrzerker can get rid of his first two phases so you just have the skelly bit to kill.


I found if you have a Fediore gun (a gun you throw and it explodes) doesn’t matter the damage, it will instantly destroy the bird. idk why or how, but when I shoot the bird it will take a long time to go down and the shields come back waaaaay too fast, but as soon as the bird shows up, throw a gun and when it hits the bird and explodes, the bird is gone. Hope that helps!