Tubbies / Chubbys spawn rate?

Hello kiddos , i have three questions :
1°Question : What´s its the chance of spawn chance of a Tubbie and Chubbys ? and are the best local to do this ?
2°Question : Have a method to augment the chance of spawn rate ? iam using run and run (like the Forrest) from the Varkids and waiting to him make a Chubby pod.
3°Its possible to found an chubby spiderant , skar etc… in the normal mode ? on only im UVHM

(Sorry for my English iam Brazilian)

the best place vizinho, for tubby farming is the dust because spiderants, also the WEP where you can get loot midgets as well

E aí? Vou tentar te responder do melhor jeito que eu consigo:

  1. Não tenho idéia dos números exatos da chance pra tubbies (nem sei se a Gearbox chegou a revelar a chance exata ou se alguém se deu ao trabalho de descobrir), mas as chances são maiores em lugares onde existem muitos inimigos não-humanos, obviamente. Em alguns lugares, esses inimigos ficam isolados e em maior número, o que te dá uma probabilidade maior só pela quantidade e é mais fácil procurar tubbies repetidamente nessas áreas. Acho que varkids não são a sua melhor opção, porque se eles não evoluem pra tubby, você vai ficar cercado por vários badasses e voadores. Não é um farm muito fácil, mas se você quiser continuar com essa estratégia, eu tive mais sorte com os varkids em Caustic Caverns enquanto tentava fazer o Vermivorous aparecer. A área mais comum pra procurar tubbies é em The Dust, começando atrás da oficina da Ellie e indo até a parte do mapa onde a Black Queen aparece. As áreas abertas de Frostburn Canyon, passando por onde você encontra o Scorch, também são uma boa. Se quiser tentar com skags, a Wildlife Exploitation Preserve e o Arid Nexus são uma boa opção. Normalmente, essas são as áreas pra onde todo mundo vai atrás de tubbies. Entre nessas áreas e dê uma volta pelo mapa matando os spiderants e os skags. Se não achar nenhum tubby, dá um save and quit e tenta de novo. Em algum momento, algum tubby vai aparecer.

  2. Infelizmente, não tem jeito de aumentar as suas chances. Alguns jogadores dizem que a chance deles aparecerem à noite é maior, mas quando tentamos testar isso aqui no forum, não encontramos diferença nenhuma entre dia e noite e nunca foi confirmado. Provavelmente é só boato. Outros dizem que as chances são maiores em co-op com outros jogadores, mas não tenho certeza. No final das contas, só depende de sorte. Fique repetindo o método que eu descrevi aí em cima nas áreas que eu mencionei e se você tiver um pouco de sorte, vai achar algum tubby. Atrás da oficina da Ellie eu normalmente não passo de 10 ou 15 tentativas sem encontrar pelo menos um. Na maioria das vezes, leva bem menos que isso.

  3. Sim. Não sei se as chances são menores nos modos de jogo mais fáceis (provavelmente são), mas é possível. Aqui tem um outro tópico onde jogadores estão compartilhando casos de chubbies aparecendo no início do jogo, ainda na primeira playthrough: What's the earliest encounter with a chubby?. Só lembre que se algum chubby aparecer no modo normal eles não vão soltar nenhuma arma pearlescent exclusiva deles, já que essas armas só aparecem depois que você atinge o nível 61 no UVHM.

And that’s it. Sorry to the english speakers on the forum, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity of speaking a little brazillian portuguese in here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure other people will reply stating their favorite tubby farming spots/methods and providing any information I might have missed.

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I typically go from Frostburn Canyon -> kill Scorch -> use route to enkindling, clear that then jump back to fast travel and head to Dust. Check front of garage then take back path to Black Queen. Stop and kill Mobley and Gettle then save/quit. If you are just looking for tubbies you don’t really have to kill much.

WEP is great for loot midgets but I can’t recall getting tubbies in there. I have an awful memory though.

You could always use the Caustic Caverns method. Load into the Caustic Caverns and see if one of the trucks in the beginning is shaking. If it is, either a Badass or a Tubby is in there. Just keep reloading until you score.

Yes, you can get a chubby in lower difficulties.

There are actually a lot of good places for Tubby’s in UVHM. Anywhere where badass enemy skags, spider ants, stalkers appear. You also get Tubby Rakk in Eridium Blight, but rare. You also get Tubby bandit enemy in Sawtooth, but again quite rare.

So the list:

  1. Three Horns Valley: Lots of Skags, close to travel station + Doc ‘The Doosh’ Mercy
  2. Frostburn Canyon: Lots of Spider Ants, and Red Chests + Scorch + Spycho + LLM loop
  3. The Dust: Lots of Spider Ants - Front of Ellies, then loop behind to Hansle and Grettle + Black Queen
  4. The HIghlands: Lots of Stalkers but pretty spread out + Henry for head farm
  5. Arid Boneyard: 2 good patches of Skags and very quick to farm + LLMs + Hunter Helquist
  6. Arid Badlands: Skag City and Red Chests - a very good place + Bonehead + Saturn
  7. WEP: Huge area with Stalkers and Skags - Best to farm starting area, but Rabid Stalkers suck C***S
  8. Caustic Caverns: Varkid Evolving for insanity, and the back end where the Spider Ants live

You also have the start of Tina’s for Tubby Bones, Scarlett’s for Spider Ants, Torgue for Skags.

To break up the monotony of farming one area, use all these areas to create a big fun run. Happy hunting :slightly_smiling:

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It’s nice to see that my wife isn’t the only one to call them the wrong names. :dukecheese: Their real names are Mobley and Gettle.

Co-op aumenta o spawn rate , eu descobri vendo um video.

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The chances are relevant to the location you are farming really as tubbies have a chance to spawn instead of rare or strong enemies. An example of this is Tubbies have a chance to come out instead of badasses so what they do is basically replace the enemies like the elemented skags or spiderants. But as for exact chances im not quite sure. But it must be pretty high seeing as I got 3 tubby skags to spawn at once yesterday :smile:.[quote=“raposabadass, post:8, topic:1201458, full:true”]
Co-op aumenta o spawn rate , eu descobri vendo um video.

And yeah It does increase the spawn rate because as I mentioned above it replaces the enemies. In co-op more badass / stronger enemies spawn therefore I don’t think it increases your chances number wise. But more just you get more chances


I love it that we’re able to have a discussion in more than one language at the same time and still understand each other. :acmaffirmative:

Good to have confirmation about the spawn rate being higher in co-op. I don’t play co-op, so I never knew for sure.


I find it interesting that I’ve run into chubbies in NVHM and TVHM (and a few tubbies in TVHM) and NO Tubbies in TVHM.
Probably less than 10 total in the 1st 2 modes. Some may have been in a mass of enemies and I didn’t see the text, But hard to not noticed their size difference.
Granted I don’t have the hours in that I did in TVHM yet and areas reached but I’ve spent a lot of time behind Ellie’s garage and nothing yet. Even the Black Queen hasn’t dropped anything decent.

I play solo also. Understandably co-op has a higher drop rate and tougher enemies. I’m looking forward to seeing how tough they are in UVHM being solo.