Tubbies dont drop classmods at all?

I read through most of the threats about Tubbies and the potential drops from them. I´ve been farming Tubbies for quiet a while now, because I want to get a nice classmod for my Assassin. By now I have killed atleast 50 Level 63 tubby Varkids in the Caustic Caverns, and not a single one of them dropped a classmod. Ive gotten many rocket launchers and WTF-shields, but not a single classmod. Am I doing something wrong or am I just insanely unlucky?

Just unlucky. They have a pretty big loot pool which includes pearl, legendary, and etech items across the board. If you find something tasty that’s a repeat of something you already have, try the PC/Mac/Linux On-line Play and Trade section - maybe someone’s got an extra class mod but is looking for a relic, shield, or weapon.