Tubbies loot questions

Hey there,

I’ve been farming tubbies at level 72 for a while now.

While I was leveling (until level 61 I guess) I got some cracked slash, WTF and bunnies but for some reason now I’m capped at 72 every single kill got me a leg class mod. I’m talking about several hundreds of kills (resulting in the exact same amount of class mods).

Have any of you already experienced such COM only drops? Is that normal?

I’ve read and experience how farming for pearl is terribly difficult. Is farming on OP 8 more rewarding considering drop rates?

Thanks for your attention!


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Tubby farming is terribly frustrating…
I farmed a while in OP levels (OP3 the last time i tried) and got dozen of classmods. A few skins. A cracked Sash or two.
But no pearl.
I would gladly hear the experience of a more lucky player trough !

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

Well at least you’ve got something else than leg. COM drop, proving you might one day get a pearl from those fat guys.

I’m affraid not being able to drop a pearl because I can’t even drop a cracked slash…

On the bright side, for me the most effective way to farm tubbies by far has been the creature slaugther round 1 with 4-player difficulty, resulting in 1 tubby every 5 min on average :smile:

I’m using the same method, but i am far less lucky on the tubby spawns !
Any specific things you do ?

I usually kill myself just after killing the Procreator Spiderant on the last round, to avoid killing accidently the last one and beeing forced to reset the game…

Assigned drop rates aren’t affected by OPLevels (but they seriously should be) so you already have the best chances per kill.
I love to use the Creature Slaughter myself because of the forced Badasses. I do no believe that 4-Player affects Tubby spawn rate directly merely indirectly due to the increased chances for Badasses. I still do it solo and I get Tubbies at least once every two rounds at worst.
Pearls are in another pool entirely. In other words, Tubbies drop a Pearl and either a COM or one of their other Legendary drops (including skins and the Cracked Sash. Who thought that was a good idea?) at the same time. You will never get two of these Legendary drops at the same time from one Tubby either but a second one could be the Bunny or WTF but naturally chances of that are improbably low.
But Pearls have a rather low drop rate from them too. It can easily take more than 20 kills to find just one and they drop all 12 making farming for the second set of Pearls unfortunately very frustrating. It’s cliché but you mustn’t give up. Even I got the second set from them eventually. Very crappy parts but still.

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I have got from tubbies apart from Cracked Sash, WTF’s, Bunnies and Class Mods:
Casual Carnage, Deadshot Bekah, a Stalker and a Butcher.

In almost a year of playing BL2.

I usually farm them with 4-players difficulty to maximise BA spawns. I kill everything until there are no more spawns on the fourth wave then kill myself. With the right build (and my norfleet) it takes me 2 - 3 mins to clear the area and on average I get 1 tubby every two rounds. I’m on PC btw.

Thanks for those clarifications, I will keep killing them and remain patient even if it frustrates me a lot. So far I’ve killed hundreds of tubbies and zero pearl drop, but I’m fully aware such rates are very low.

Good luck to anyone farming those annoying fat bast****

I mainly get the class mods too. It does get you angry. Lately though I’ve been getting sone different items like the cradle and a fastball. Spring break is coming do im going to be able to do a lot more farming.

The new Legendary mods don’t start dropping until around level 62, so before that, you’ll only get the old drops (Bunny, WTF, Cracked Sash or special skin). After that, it does seem like I get a Legendary mod the vast majority of the time, but I do get one of the other drops occasionally.

As for the pearls, I have very little data to back this up (so far), but I think the drop rate may increase dramatically at OP8. I got an OP1 Wanderlust from a tubby at one point. After that, I farmed tubbies at various times, with various characters, and killed many, many of them. I only have one OP8 character. The others are all 72 or below. So probably pretty much all of that tubby farming would have been at level 72 or below. It was around 14 months before I got another pearl from a tubby (a Butcher).

But then some people in the old forums were saying that they got pearls from them pretty regularly, and they were playing at OP8, so I tried a bit of OP8 farming. It took about 10 tubbies to get a Bekah, and then I got an Unforgiven 2 tubbies later. That’s either a huge coincidence, or the drop rate is much higher at OP8.

FWIW, after that, I tried a bit of farming at OP1 and OP4, just to see if there was an increase in the drop rates when you got into the OP levels, in general, and I didn’t get any pearls, but I didn’t do that much farming. I’m just looking for random tubby spawns, so it tends to be a slow process.


I think maybe you’re talking about LLM’s, not tubbies?

That sucks a lot :confused:
To be honest, all of my Tubby Pearls came from Tubbies outside the Creature Slaughter, most behind Ellie’s. I think it’s just coincidence but it’s certainly weird. Though that is probably because I mostly used the Creature Slaughter on 61 to test if they can drop COMs on that level. They can btw, but it’s much less likely than 63 and higher and Pearls likely have the same restriction.

The Cradle and the Fastball are not part of the Tubbies dedicated loot pool, so probably LLM yes…

I’ve read those posts too and was thinking about going into OP levels mainly for tubbies drop rates. Because I play Axton, I’m not that confortable going on such high difficulty if there are no benefits relative to loot. Thanks for your feedback!

Could I ask you why you were farming tubbies for pearls behind ellies instead of using the creature slaughter?

I used that spot before I really knew about the Creature Slaughter so most came from there as a result. If you want I can try my luck on OP8 there instead.

Well I would really appreciate such experiments as it could motivate me to start doing DP runs. But since I won’t be the one getting my hands dirty, it’s up to you :smile:

I like to do such experiments so I don’t mind really. I’ll give a report later.

Turns out both my mains are already past Round 1 so I have to make a reset first :confused:

I hate Tubby farming. I still farm them for the Bekah every once in a while, but they haven’t dropped me a single pearl yet. I got a WTF and a Bunny from them, but most of the time I only get the new class mods.

I only got 8 Tubbies but here’s the data for each of them:

L = Legendary (this includes WTF, Bunny, Cracked Sash and Skins as all of them are the same drop technically speaking)
P = Pearl

1: C  5: L/P
2: L  6: C/P
3: C  7: C
4: L  8: C

5 COMs, 3 Legendary drops and 2 Pearls which dropped in a row.
Overall, it wasn’t so bad but the Pearls were pretty crappy (TV potatoscreens incoming):

(That’s the other drop to the left, a Cracked Sash)

(The Legendary Gunzerker behind it is the other drop)

Well crappy pearls are still pearls! Considering all I’ve read, my experience at level 72 and your test, it seems pretty sure drop rate are increased at OP8.

Maybe. I still say that OP Levels do not change assigned drop rates but Tubbies might be an exception here. Can’t speak with certainty unfortunately. For now it is probably the best shot you got.