Tubby/chubbies locations

as a new player to true vault hunter mode where is the best place to find tubbies and chubbies???

There are multiple good places to find, or farm them at, but it seems that most people prefer bug gulch (the area located behind Ellie’s Garage in the Dust).


Behind Ellie’s garage is a magical place which Tubbies call their one true home.

But seriously, I spent several hours farming Varkids for Tubbies barely got 4 of them after much pain and cheese. Tried behind Ellie’s; 3 in 15 mins.


I like to combine my tubby scrounging with other loot opportunities so I don’t feel too disappointed (they are quite rare in single player). Ellie’s back yard is good because there are three legendary opportunities if you do the whole path; I personally love Frostburn Canyon, which has 3 legendaries and 4 red chests if you do the whole map, or 2 if you just go up by Scorch and Spycho, plus plenty of possibile tubbies. Getting varkids to evolve into badass varkids is also a good strategy, so consider messing about in Tundra Express or the Caustic Caverns for a bit :slight_smile:


Yep, I always do the whole run too. Overall it’s my favorite tubby hunting zone.


thank you all for your help

Hallowed Hallow (first Headhunter DLC “TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest”) is the best because there’s one spot where a lot of Elemental Spiderants and the big ones are guaranteed to spawn. Those are considered Badasses so they have a chance to be Ch/Tubbies. The downside is a rather long walk there and there’s not much else. Got three Tubbies in one run there at some point (a matter of 5 minutes).

I don’t need to talk about Ellie’s because that has been mentioned enough already.

Frostburn Canyon is also good for the same reasons as the other two thanks to an incredible amount of Badass class Spiderants, including the ones Scorch spawns.

Creature Slaughter Round 2 is also incredible not only for many Elemental Spiderants, but also Skags Rabids qualify as Badasses as well). The downside is having to die before you complete the round or else you’ll have to reset the whole playthrough. You can still exit the game without saving to prevent that however.

Arid Nexus is also good because of the many Rabid Skags but it’s not as good as the others in my opinion. Still had lots of luck there over time however.


I would second Arid Nexus Boneyard/Badlands- once got 5 tubbie skag spawns in 30+ minutes… Honorable mention to WEP- if nothing else the red chesst, Pimon and Tumba and having Doctor’s Orders open makes the trek worthwhile…

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Caustic Caverns is a GOLDMINE. With evolving varkids and all the spiderants (plus Blue and BA Creeper and 3 red chests).

I bounce between there and Ellie’s garage.

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individual luck. caustic caverns gaves only trouble but on nice frostburn canyon, last evening i had 10 tubby spiderants in 1 1/2 hours.

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