Tubby Disappointment!

So as I’m running through Frostburn (my favorite place to farm Tubbies), I come across a Tubby Spiderant. However, upon killing it, it decided I obviously wasn’t worthy enough and dropped nothing! Not even a Cracked Sash! Is this something that can happen? I thought they always dropped something from their loot pool, but I could be wrong.

They always drop something. You probably missed it somehow, whatever it was, unfortunately. Couldn’t even find their unique Skin? It’s the other “Legendary”. There’s always the possibility they also glitched through the floor.
Unless it really is possible for them to drop nothing special at all. I’ve killed several hundreds of them and there really was always something so I dunno.

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Actually, I’ve had Tubbies stiff me before too. It’s not a 110% guaranteed drop, but they do drop stuff most of the time.

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Maybe it was just unlucky, as I ran into 2 more Tubbies that run and they both dropped COMs, albeit at OP6.

Unless I genuinely did miss it, but I’m sure I didn’t.

I was also going to ask this, skins are was to miss as the drop

Entirely possible that whatever it did drop promptly fell through the floor eye roll

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