Tubby farming and Vermivorous

I’m looking for players to do tubby farming with. Since they patched the 4 player glitch tubbies aren’t as easy to come by when running solo. I run in uvhm at varying overpower levels. Therefore, I would expect players to be geared up accordingly and able to handle the difficulty level. Along with tubby farming there is the opportunity for vermivorous the invincible to spawn. I’ve been playing borderlands since the day it came out in PS3 and have wasted his sorry butt several times, but I know there are many who have never met him. If you are the type of person who feels that you would like to join then send a friend request my way to Lord_Sylton and slap a message in that request letting me know where you heard about me. I also do op boosting so that service is also available. Happy looting vault hunters.

He is a she btw, hard to get an all that… I’ve spent 50 + hours mostly solo chasing her skins and heads, and actually enjoy the chase as frustrating as it is. So anyone willing to jump into that madness… Well deserves a equally mad extra gun. Psn is rockshox if I’m not busy an ur on I’ll jump in with you.

I’ve only had Vermi spawn once and it wasn’t at the greatest of times ( during the Crawmerax fight ) so I’d be down.

All i can say is send me a friend request per the post