Tubby farming location?

So I’m farming tubbys in the creature slaughter dome, is this the best method for farming them? Currently using gaige as she can just sham fleet them. What’s the drop rate on the bekah? Pretty much this is what I’m farming for.

Almost 0% :grin: - it’s a frustratingly sparse dropper.

Creature slaughter does seem to be the the most efficient location for farming tubs.

I like Tundra Farmhouse. Tubbies/chubbies evolve from adult varkid pods, so let them do their first pod evolution and kill whatever pops out.

I really love using the front and back of Ellie’s garage for tubby hunting (Spiderants). I’ve also had pretty good luck in Three Horns Valley (Skags).

I’ve farmed there in the past too much and just so little luck.

Arid Badlands, good chance to get a tubby, loot midgets and three red chest which can be easily farmable


And everyone’s favourite health sponge, Saturn :slight_smile:

I’ve been pretty lucky in the creature dome. Seen a few bekahs drop along with other pearls like carnage. Just keep doing it over and over. Gets boring but I just don’t have luck anywhere else

Out of interest what is the Dome method? Just die before you finish the wave?

Just don’t turn in to Capt Cabrera. Save/quit and restart - it’ll show as failed (?). Cheaper than dying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve never done this method, I usually run the Dust or Badlands, occasionally Frostburn. Is it really a more reliable source?

Go to creature slaughter dome. Make sure to pay attention bc I’ve messed it myself not paying attention, getting caught up killing things. First remember there are waves and rounds. This is what you do

Wave 1- kill everything (skags) there will be short pause

Wave 2- kill everything (spiderants) short pause

Wave 3- kill everything (skags/spiderants) short pause

Wave 4- JUST kill a cpl spiderants, leave procreator(big red one) and something else. But MOST important is to die at this point with those animals left.

Last thing to consider. I’ve had 3 tubbies spawn in 4 waves. So if you get lucky and a tubby spawns immediately don’t just die, you can get lucky in the next wave.

After running it about 30x you will see the pattern and know what to look for, especially in the 4th wave. I can tell now if a tubby is gonna spawn before I die.

Good luck. I truly believe this is by far the fastest method and most lucrative. I’ve done 100s of dust runs and killed plenty of tubbies but they never seem to drop weapons for me. Nothing compared to CSD.


Cpl? You mean the Matriarch ones or what? Or those big black ones with armour?

Not really more reliable necessarily - it’s just you have a large concentration of them and there’s no travelling time. So ultimately faster.

All the other mentioned locations are good - need some variety.

I guess this works as a method as well because if you get bored you can always head outside and farm those midgets for a while.

I’ve always been told to die in round 1. I think round one is your highest chance at getting tubbies. It’s just what I’ve been told and what I’ve always done. I’ve had some really good luck with it doing it this way.

And yes the reason it’s faster imho is due to the amount of animals in a short period. The dust can take 15mins where CSD takes 4-6 mins

15 minutes? Do you take a 5 minute break half way through? :wink:

Ha ha. No i always get goliaths to transform then hit gettle and mobley. I could cut the time down a bit for sure. But I still think the dust (for me) is half the time and I have had much more luck in the CSD. Unlike jeffe I die in CSD. I usually just grab things that drop and money really isn’t a thing. But everyone has their routines. Mine is based on time, past experience and superstitions. :grinning:

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I was only jesting :slight_smile: I usually just run Bug Gulch up to where the Black Queen spawns and then reload. I’m at the Annex now, so i’m going to see if I get any luck!

What level are you