Tubby farming location?

Using my Krieg so 67. Figured it’s a decent way to level up at the same time, is this place repeatable?

Hey Mused. Wanna coop this? I haven’t ran the CSD for tubbies. I’d like to give this a go. hit me up. :slight_smile:

No love for Round 2 of CSD where you can get 1-2 ultimate badass varkids that can spawn Vermi?

Ha, lol. Vermi happened to me one time before I knew what was really going on or how to “farm” CSD. And of course…“waaaa-Sted” …me that is :sweat_smile:

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No doubt bro. I used to do 4 player and that was crazy as hell. I look for ya

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I’ve killed six already. 2 the first run (skag then spiderant) the last run also had 2 spiderants at the same time in wave 4. Too easy. Only problem is getting em to drop what you want.

As a side not: for whatever reason I don’t have much luck with my axton and he dies a lot. But zero and sal get tubbies quite frequently.

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Stay in round 1, die on wave 4 (sometimes I get tubbys on wave 4)

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Remembered this:

Seems like you guys got it though.

Badlands, WEP, Caustic, Frostburn, and the Dust are my personal favorites.

I didn’t get a single tubby in the Annex, after an hour.

Man that’s really a tough break. I swear by it. Give it another try. Are you on Xbox?

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I do now too. This works really well. Thanks again @getmused for letting me tag along. we had a grip of Tubby’s. I’d say it was close to 80-90% success rate. there was only a few runs that none showed. we ran it for about an hour I’d say. no Pearls, but a lot of COM’s. got a skin from a Tubby and a couple Cracked Sashes.

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Oh i’m not saying i’ve given up :slight_smile: i’ll try again for sure. Yes i’m on Xbox One.

What’s your gt

same as name here, Vinterbris.

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Nice, tally up some gamers to add to the group, which should add to the spawn rate. :wink:

I’d get in on that. :blush:

I should point out that the highest character I have is 72, I haven’t done any OP levels yet, in case that matters.

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it doesn’t for Muse and I. lol you however, may die a lot. But, that can be rectified. We can rush you thru the peak and get that handled. I think even Muse and I were discussing that yesterday as things to do in coop. We can knock out a few OP levels and get you going. :wink:

Oh yes, I used to do 4man glitch in a CSD run. Insane! Should be lots of fun😅

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Does the 4 man glitch even still work? Thought it was patched.