Tubby spawn reduction on PS3?

Anyone have a thought on whether there’s been a reduction in Tubbies since the last patch? I haven’t seen a single one anywhere for at least a month (50+ hours) - and those were Tubby Rakk on the Gas Guzzlers mission on the Torgue DLC… and they drop nothing.

Moving out of news as this isn’t news.

Their spawn rates seem to be about the same as before the patch for me. Really didn’t notice any difference.

I’ve done that mission a few times and there are tubby every time but never seen them drop anything. I wasn’t sure if they were supposed drop anything or not seeing how they are mission related. I’m on ps4 though.

About the same for me. Try hallowed hallow… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback - I finally got 2 tubbies yesterday (within a couple of hours of each other), 1 in the dust and 1 outside Doc Mercy’s… and both dropped Legndary Psychos - the only character I don’t play :frowning: