Tunguska self damage

I love the tum tum diaubs the vladoff barrell jakobs sniper but i like the dahl stock it helps alot was just wondering if the mukamuk was the way to go.

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I got my parts mixed up. I meant Dahl for the recoil reduction and if you want to deal as much damage as possible muckamuck is the best non-red text Jakobs sniper rifle that fires a single bullet. Both the Buffalo and Elephant Gun out do any non-red text Jakobs sniper rifle however they both lack scopes and in the case of the Elephant Gun lack any form of sight.

In perfect conditions the Godfinger is the most powerful Jakobs sniper but that is only if all the bullets are allowed to spawn, otherwise it can deal less damage than a Muckamuck and most other higher tiered sniper rifles.

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And you wonder why no one plays with you. :dukejk:


I had this happen to me when i used the Tunguska that had just dropped from a LLM in Frostburn canyon against some nomads- i saw the projectile bounce into the air, and then I saw a long white tunnel with a smarmy voice at the end of it… This is one of the reasons I rarely use RL…

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Tungaska is nothing compared with bunny, tediore rocket launchers are horrendous idea by itself, let alone a unique variant which kills user even more likely than regular one.

Tungaska is just not suited for close - medium range combat, it’s more like sniper-rocket laucher for taking out enemies from afar. Or sham it. I just wish it did more damage.

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I know I’m weird but I like the Bunny, and much prefer it to the Nukem


Yeah, that is pretty weird.