Turn off guardian perk "shield reboot" with roid shield equipped

Huge QOL improvement!

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Latest hotfix noted this issue and committed to addressing at a later date, actually

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Actually they said they are looking into making it so we can turn off guardian rank. It said nothing about deactivating individual guardian perks. Although it would be nice if they can give us both options.


Oh yeah I thought the op was about disabling not disabling specific ones.

Well being able to toggle the rank passives as a whole is good but while the ba rank toggle was added with a patch in BL2, guardian should have had it from the start this time.

However the perk bonuses such as shield reboot need individual toggles because specific perks can screwup a build.

This is the kind of issues that CANT BE present in a AAA game, its a small issue for sure, but its overlook, its lazy development, this kinda of mistakes indicates lack of time dedicated to each feature in the game, same happens with the skill trees, some numbers are so out of place that seem random. After the last hotfix im really about to lose hope for this game, not because i cant wait, but because i dont see gearbox trying to do something about it, it reminds me of diablo 3 updates, it was just 1 or 2 guys working on it, adding random numbers to the balance so ppl think they were working hard on things, each update broke the game big time, this is happening all over again.