Turn off Volumetric Fog

A lot of people are reporting problems with FPS, freezes, stuttering, etc. I have found that DX11 gives me 98-99% usage on my GPU. Giving me said problems. If I turn Volumetric Fog off completely the problems ease up and much smoother gameplay. GPU usage is about 50-80% with volumetric fog off.

DX12 gives me a huge increase in everything. Extremely smooth gameplay, 100+ fps, no stutters. Even with volumetric fog on. However it crashes randomly for me.

My advise, try DX12. Long loading screen the first time, but if it doesn’t crash for you, use it. If crashes for you, use DX11 but turn off volumetric fog.

Gearbox, solve this. 100 dollars for a broken game is nonsense.