Turned off from KU being OP?

So after playing KU for a few games, I find that once he gets to end game he has a stun w/ the burst damage of Gal w/o the risks of getting too close and it’s a lot easier to hit + hits multiple targets. Also he can heal his team, maybe not that well as the main healer but can do the job like Reyna can if you have a squishy team.

Anyway, KU being OP along w/ cheap helix skills like an aimbot bola snare really makes me feel like trash when playing him. The same way Thorn does b/c she takes next to no skill to kill w/ while Orendi is harder to master and does the same kind of thing (the Thorn nerf made Orendi’s wave clear better :slight_smile: ).

Same boat here. I can’t stand playing him with how broken he is. It just doesn’t feel right.

So nearly no burst damage?

Idk bout you, but I find Orendi much easier. Just place it slightly to their left. Thorn requires charging and launching a tiny shot to do well woth, as well as manipulating a tiny blight

Past that I understand your point, he’s a bit strong

Seems relatively balanced to me. They just need to scrap that stun at level 9 and I will be happy

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Or stun on initial impact. No bouncing off the wall stuns

I’'ll be blunt, 2/10 matches i get to lvl 9 before anyone surrender… Or my team win/lose

I don’t really get the “But you almost never reach level 9” argument. OP is OP, no matter on what level. Compare Kid Ultra level 9 to everyone else at level 9 and you can see that he is OP. (Except for if you compare him to Kleese at that level. ;p)

Anyways, late game Kid Ultra’s Bola is utterly broken. I was playing against a team of 4 Kid Ultras yesterday, and we were pushing in Incursion. I was there with 2 of my teammates, and we were doing really good. Then BOOM! Without warning, instantly stunned. It’s not dodgeable, the Bola moves too fast for that. And of course, there is so much going on on the screen that it’s pretty hard to see it anyways.
The Bleed damage is too much against 3 stunned targets, and stunning 3 targetsat the same time with a SKILL and not an ULTIMATE is way too much anyways. (I am not counting Kelvin because most of the time you can’t stun them at the same time, and you can’t attack them all because you are in the skill.) I mean, Deande takes an ultimate to do the same thing and she has a charge up time for it.

I only once did the Bola build for Kid Ultra, never again do I want to feel so cheap.

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True all what you said.

But in my personal experience unless there are 5 KU i never felt it was cheap.

Only time i hate with pasión that stun was in meltdown 5 KU stacking their passive and chaining their stuns.

I fell like if they pulled out stacking (passive, drone damage amp) and put the bolas’ CC on direct hits ONLY, then he’d be in a good place.