Turning off Mayhem 2.0 modifiers

How awesome would that be? If your given ability to enjoy the tougher enemies without the modifiers at all? Would be awesome and such a no brainer . I would hope GBX learned with the positive reaction to M4 modifiers and took that to mean some of us dont like the mayhem modifiers at all but just want the added challenge of tougher enemies


im not a fan of the randomness of mh3


Then it wouldn’t be mayhem 2.0?

Either it is on and you get the benefits with the negatives, or it is off and you get easy mode with the negatives of no better gear.

Come on people, you might as well download a hacking tool and give yourself whatever you want at this point…


Pretty much this. Was going to say it wouldn’t be Mayhem without it.

I understand M3 bad modifiers but hopefully 2.0 goes in the right direction without too much negative modifiers.

Many can enjoy 2.0 at M1 if so wish and climb up if they need the difficulty

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In BL2 you could stay in UVHM if you wanted or slowly move up OP levels.

You have a choice.

Hell I know people that stayed strictly in TVHM


Who cares though? Play with it on if the “added challenge” is important to you

I put “added challenge” in parentheses because its debatable the mayhem modifiers will make it harder since you also get positive modifiers with the negatives , meaning the positive could outweigh the negative and thus its actually easier .

I dont like the randomness. I didnt like reloading maps when I got the reflection modifiers . I still have to do that when enemies get 2 extra shots modifiers.

I cant think of a way they can make enemies tougher with modifiers without those kind of modifiers ,can you?

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Personally I enjoyed OP lvls in BL2 and I was never a fan of random modifiers, but if they are going to continue with mayhem I just find it a bit odd that people want the hardest part of the difficulty left out when they could just use other measures to get good gear that bypasses them in the same way

yup I’m all for no zany modifiers, if I get “the floor is lava” I will literally be done.
all of fl4ks pets will die in seconds, deathless moze would have nowhere to hide when their shield gets low, but of course amara and zane would be perfectly fine.


Well I disagree the modifiers are or were the hardest part of mayhem levels. I mean on M4 is it the inherent tankiness of enemies that provides the challenge or the 1 modifier they get ?

Unless they get the x2 modifier, almost all other variants will end up favoring the player because your positive variance out weights theirs. It’s still called mayhem though.

I get the mayhem name wont really fit If there is nothing crazy going on besides tougher enemies, but it still fits somewhat as in it’s getting crazier as far as tougher enemies as you go up on mayhem level

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deathless moze is boned regardless if we get op10 like scaling. It was too crazy and killed alot of builds/guns.

Well in M4 there is nothing in the game that can kill me unless I literally stand there and do nothing. I don’t say this trying to brag because there are TONS of pleyers better than myself that can do the same or better…

M3 had reflecting bullets that even now with the best gear if my Zane gets some bad RNG rolls I am dead in 1 volley. I understand I can reset the map so that the reflect bullets goes away, but personally I feel that is basically the same thing as cheating (to me) and I won’t do it.

None of the other modifiers have any big effect except Reflect bullets. So yes in most cases modiers don’t matter, but in this 1 case, the modifier is all that matters.


Agree, I’d like to see an option to play without modifiers. It’s a good way to test builds or weapons.

We just want options, the option to play with the added difficulty of Mayhem 10 without modifiers in the middle for a change.

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true, but imo that build is pretty much dead already unless they change her capstone to kick in before she gets knocked into ffyl.

Iirc during the BL Show it was suggested that each level of M2.0 would introduce different / more modifiers. Given that is part of the makeup of the new mayhem, I’d say it’s unlikely there will be a deactivate option.

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like in mh10 there will be big head, confetti throwing, bandits with clown make-up, dancing on lava floor?

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LOL can’t wait for this to land.

Yes highly unlikely as the in play modifiers will be designed to make our lives hell, floor is lava will probably be the cute kitten of the bunch so buckle up buttercup. :rofl:

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This sounds terrible

I wouldn’t worry about it as no one knows exactly how it’s going to work yet.

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worrying after, is usually too late

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Comments about how easy everything is, lack of challenge etc have been floating around these forums for some time. Well maybe some people are about to get the level of challenge they have been seeking.

But with 10 levels there is sure to be something for everyone.