Turret-based Axton build

I’m trying to make a build centered on having my Turrets do a lot of my damage for me, while I go around helping teammates or getting objectives, but having my turrets set up some damage for myself. I’m currently level 39, and it’s been about a year since I had dropped BL2 on the Xbox 360, and I’m picking it up again on the PC now. Is there any changes you guys would make to it? I currently have a point in Sentry on my live Axton, but I’ll respec out of that the next time I play.

Unless you’re playing an explosive build there’s no real reason to go into Grenadier if you want your turrets to do more of the work. Also, if you use the L. Soldier you can put 1 point into Healthy and Expertise, otherwise those points can go to skills that increase both the turrets and Axton’s damage…

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I run my Axton relying on turrets for a lot. Just like he says “turrets, what would I do without you”. I spec my Axton really close to what Carlton_slayer showed you. I love the slagging from turrets and I really like tossing out 2 for distraction purposes. I just finished uvhm with him and I solo everything.

If turret DPS is your focus then drop Double Up; it lowers the turrets’ damage output (even with the second gun) so you’re better off slagging enemies yourself. You might also consider taking Nuke which while not the most damaging skill is still helpful.

For COMs your best choice is the Gunner, which increases the turrets’ fire rate. You might also consider the Engineer for more turret time (although you could just use Little Evie for CDR instead).

I want the turrets to also set up damage for myself and my teammates, so that’s why I took double up. The rockets + gemini should be putting out a decent amount of damage, but I want the turret slag for allies. Also like I said I’m level 39 right now, so a decent L. mod is a far ways away for me.

At level 39 it’s possible to get a legendary mod with +4 to all stats- I think I have a level 39 L. Hunter on my secondary Zero- I’ll check and see…

While a Turret - based Axton build would be great in theory, I am uncertain that it would be effective in practice.

Having said that, if it is what you want, then let me see whether I may be of assistance:

I am assuming that you will be using either the Legendary Engineer or the Legendary Soldier class mod. If you are using the latter, place a singular skill point into Expertise and the four leftover skill points into Metal Storm.

My concern with a turret - based build for Axton is that, while the Turret is on cooldown (and this is an inevitability), his DPS may be on the underwhelming side. In that case, you may want to have a little more regard to Axton’s ability to survive the enemy’s offense.

Consequently, placing any skill points in “Healthy” (unless you are relying on a Moxxi weapon, I suppose) would actually be counter - intuitive. This is because the higher your units of health, the more health you’ll have to recover before healthgate takes effect.

Feel free to reply with any questions and / or comments, if you have any. Otherwise, good luck to you.