Turret line of sight bug when placed at an edge so it falls down

Description Summary
I’m not 100%, but the turret seems to maintain the line of sight from the player’s position at placement, not line of sight from the deployed turret; multiple times now I’ve dropped a turret on Heart map and had it fall off the ledge I was facing, only to have it make kills through floors and walls as if the turret was placed where I originally placed it.

Observed Results: Kills from turret with no line of sight from turret to killed player; further, kills outside the turret’s apparent cone of fire
Steps to Reproduce: Place a turret while near to and facing perpendicular to an edge, with a platform beneath, so the turret will hit the platform you’re standing on but then drop to the one below. Deploy the turret so it falls, but first touches the surface you’re on. An enemy on your current level can be targeted even if there are surfaces between their model and the turret below.
Expected Results: Turret’s aim to depend on its location at time of firing, not at time of placement
Build #: CTT 31
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The Sentry Sidekick turret has a cone of view that should be 45 degrees from center (total 90 degrees) which makes it pretty good at covering multiple levels in a place like Heart or Quagmire. That makes it possible to drop a turret on a lower ledge than you intended, but still have it successfully attack a player standing on the same elevation across a gap from you.

We’ll look into making this happen and see what can be found though, and thank you for the feedback.

Does this mean the turret has no limitations on vertical targeting? The description says “narrow cone” in-game, it seems to be anything but.

It has the same limitations on targeting to the Z as with other axes. We have done some testing since my last post on this, and have so far been unable to get the turret to target or fire from a position different than its visual placement. I have also had confirmation from an engineer with turret grease under his nails that the turret is constantly tracing lines from itself to targets it can see, and that it does not cache positions.

So, all that being said, there are certainly bugs we have not properly diagnosed yet, including all sorts of positional shenanigans that can happen when latency is high. Investigations continue! :telescope: