Turret Problems No.1

  1. Placement.

The worst offenders are Overgrowths midle shock and Echelons middle accel and supply. These are almost always a waste of shards as they are easily targeted and killed in seconds, providing little actual advantage other than shard sinks for exp. A shard sink for exp is actually a good thing but shouldn’t come at the cost of a critical objective.

Next are Incursion map turrets in general. Thumpers only issue is getting body blocked by the sentry once in a while, I feel like raising it slightly is all that’s needed. Bunker stingers also only need their blocking wall shortened a bit to protect the room better. The echelon BD stinger should be moved slightly towards the base to give it better coverage of both its hall and the over looking area, range restrictions will keep it from attacking minions. The first overgrowth sentry stinger
needs to be able to protect the platform, move it up and back a bit, also keeps the stupid rock from LOS’ing minions.

The only problem I have with meltdown is how easy it is to access accel turrets when they are a rather large part of the game mode. You could cover all but one side by placing them in the walls or something.

Getting long so I’ll break these up.

I totally agree, before I thought the problem with turrets was their HP but really it’s their awful LOS on important paths in Incursion. Though on incursion I feel the problems runs much deeper, those maps feel way too small. Maybe your terrain suggestion with the big rock would remedy that, but I think there is a need for either those maps to become stretched longer or to make a new incursion map that’s just bigger. I don’t have specific reasons but whenever I play incursion I feel claustrophobic, and when I go to Meltdown I feel pretty free and content moving from lane to lane wherever i’m needed.

The sentry ends up blocking the shots of the thumper turret a lot of the time in overgrowth.