Turret Problems No.2-3

Continuing the discussion from Turret Problems No.1:


This is my main issue with turrets, because spending 1200 shards to have it die in seconds and make no impact on the game at all is both stupid and frustrating. Or the lvl 1 turrets being face tanked by lvl 1 heros and killed if not supported. The damage the turrets do is fine, they should be for controlling the waves and pushing the objectives and your investment should show as much. I honestly don’t have a strait fix for this other than a strait numbers buff and reduction in AoE damage taken. (also the LoS issues from the previous post)

  1. Ownership

I’m actually not sure how to address this. This is actually a good mechanic as it lets more fragile characters accrue exp without feeding, however due to ownership only affecting those who buy/upgrade this can take advantage leaving lower leveled/poorer players out to dry. I don’t think the XP should be spread to the whole team as this becomes another win more mechanic and shepherd drones are bad enough in that regard. Perhaps instead of ownership affecting the buyer it affects the member of your team with the current lowest XP amount. This would have the effect of keeping a single player from snowballing off of it and helping your team mates from becoming to weak to help from the level gaps.
(props to zeitzbach for a good post about this)

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