Turret recoil still not in?

After playing some Homeworld Deserts of Kharak I decided to play a little skirmish of Homeworld 1 Remastered. I noticed the turrets still have no recoil when being fired. Why hasn’t this been put in yet? I remember back in the day with the original Homeworld and Cataclysm sitting back and watching all my battles ensue. Being in awe off all the small details like turret recoil. Seeing how some turrets already have recoil I doubt it should be much work to put in.

I hope the devs read these posts. :smiley:

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Maybe for some HW1 units… but the feature is most certainly in and working… Not all turrets recoil, fyi.

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I know but why is that when the HW1 units did have it in the original game?

We rebuilt the HW1 ships from scratch for RM - and certainly changed a fair # of things in the process. If they aren’t recoiling now, that’s very unlikely to change.

HW2 engine recoil only works on the barrels, so for Kushan ships (which don’t have barrels on their turrets) it ranges from difficult to impossible to rig them up so that the whole turret assembly recoils as it did in HW1 without them clipping through the ship, or having firing arcs that are completely bonkers.

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Sir, it is not impossible to do I have done it myself, is very easy and you can see it in my Homeworld: Past and Future and my previous work for HW2, Homeworld REMASTERED mod.

But as BitVenom said, if they haven’t been implemented yet, its very unlikely that its going to happen in the future for the official game.

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NBD, I should have thrown a smiley in there :wink:

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Well I’ve seen in your mod videos turret recoil is clearly working. Any chance you could send your work to BitVenom or any of the other devs so everyone can enjoy your work in the vanilla game?

We can’t take work done by outside parties, and even if we could, making changes like that (cosmetic) when attempting to lock down a huge patch is a no-go.

Can’t blame a big fan for trying to get a perfect Homeworld Remastered. :wink:


Depend on the design of the turret, for example the Heavy kinetic cannons of taiidan and kushan, the main barrel are inside the turret in that two ships are more noticeable the kick of the recoil of the gun in the classic, but is missed in the remastered, kushan destroyer have the gun inside the turret in the classic, in the reedition now is visible the gun outside the turret, taiidan destroyer also show his recoil after every shoot, HC dont recoil after shoot now or i’ll didnt pay attention in that, in the classic already do that, the only thing than i’ll really miss is the old sound of the firing of the frigates, destroyer and heavy cruiser. the classic firing sound of destroyer, heavy cruiser have more punch in my personal opinion.

I think someone on the steam workshop edited in the old sounds from the originals.

@BitVenom Agreed. That shouldn’t get any priority right now. How ever once you’re pretty much satisfied with the game as it or post release of the upcoming patch it might be worth the consideration. One part why many Homeworld1 users weren’t really convinced about the hw1 remaster (engine aside) was the loss of all these tiny little details which added a great deal to the immersion and atmosphere of the original back then. I still kinda miss all the mothership ambient sounds for that matter. Of course that too is minor but still:

Often in vanilla Homeworld1 I just zoomed in closely to my mothership when a harvester was docking and then you heard little alert sirens hauling. The mothership prepared for the arrival of approaching harvesters. Or you kept hearing other alert sounds when the MS was under attack etc. There were dozens of these things in Homeworld1. Just imagine Company of heroes with it’s talking soldiers and suddenly in the next game they don’t talk at all anymore. Of course that’s not the case for Homeworld but you get the idea.

So don’t underestimate the power of little things. :stuck_out_tongue: In any case I have complete confidence in you and the others so no worries. :wink: