Turtle Rock Studios + Perfect World, Inc. Partner for New AAA IP

Exclusive interview with TRS President & GM Steve Goldstein. TRS partnered wing F2P specialist publisher Perfect World, Inc. to announce work on a new IP. It will be a service-based, likely free-to-play Co-op First-Person Shooter with “strong dark fantasy elements.”

Sounds like TRS is adapting to the market. They might represent the trend of indie developers moving towards free-to-play models to allow them to respond quicker to the player base. Interesting interview, and I’m already 100% intrigued by a Co-op FPS with dark fantasy elements, even if we have to wait until 2018.

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Eh… I’ll pass on this.

Left 4 Dead was a good time… Evolve, the launch specifically however was a disaster. Perfect World, haven’t heard much for or of them. Expect a log in launcher window, which I’ve always hated. I’m also expecting a pay to win model which has been hated within the gaming community. It already doesn’t look good.

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Update! Will be developed for both PC and Console.

I wish them the best and I hope they do well.

But I wanted Left 4 Dead 3.


Sadly, L4D is as much Valve’s as Evolve is 2K’s. They can only make it if Valve asks them to.

Still, I loved both L4D and Evolve, so I’m certain their next, F2P Co-op FPS will be awesome.