Tutor a 35 year old, really?

The answer is yes. Lol. I need a tutor, or a personal tour guide if you will.

Lol 34 year old here. What do you need help with? As a youngster, I may be able to explain a thing or two about this video game technology.

I loved borderlands 1 and the pre-quel. But beat them without farming or whatever else y’all do now a days. I see some of the thing’s y’all have. I want to feel that glory

You similarly don’t need to farm to beat this game. If by ‘farming’ and ‘feel the glory’, you just want to play with some of the legendary gear that also happens to have high damage output, and/or is used as part of some entertaining meta, do you have something in mind?

What level are you, what character, and what do you see in your mind’s eye when you think ‘glory’? Responses to, “I have a level 10 Zane and I want to beat the Maliwan Slaughter solo” will be different than, “I have a level 50 Amara and I want to finish the storyline comfortably”.

“I have a level 10 Zane and I want to beat the Maliwan Slaughter solo” will be different than, “I have a level 50 Amara and I want to finish the storyline comfortably”
You meant the contrary I suppose, otherwise I am kind of afraid :rofl:

I’m using hyperbole to be sure, but some players really do have… interesting expectations from the game.

Without information about what character the OP is playing, where they’re at in the game, how they would like to play, and their definition of “glory”, it’s hard to come up with a helpful answer. Even if the question is, “can someone hook me up with x gear”, that’s fine, but we don’t know.

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I’m a lvl 11 moze.

as Adabiviak said could you tell us more about your current ingame goal? If your are going through the story for the first time you dont need to farm, just pick some secondary quests along the way for extra xp so your level matches the level of the main quest

Apologies. I’m not the best at communicating. Lol. First play thru. Just got to promethea.

Don’t worry about specific gear that this point. Just pickup whatever the game drops as you complete the story and side quests. That said, do pay attention to how the guns you are picking up work. In BL3 the manufacturers are more distinct in the way their guns work than in previous Borderlands. For example, Jakobs guns have ricochet rounds on crit; some Vladof guns have secondary firing modes; etc.

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…and I want to solo the Maliwan Slaughter :laughing:

Kidding… what @studdugie said, have a blast with whatever RNG throws your way. Later, when you’re killing skyscraper-sized monsters with a gun that shoots lightning, you’ll look back on this moment and be like, “heh.”


The vendors in sanctuary always sell gear at your level. If you ever need new gear, check there if you’re not finding anything in game. If the game is out-leveling you, do side quests for experience. The first playthrough is the most fun

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If you would like I am willing to help you through the game tonight or tomorrow night. I’m on PST, 9:38pm here currently. Epic name is Cat_Thulhu, if you are on PC. I main Moze (250+hours) and can give advice and help. Can solo TVHM M4 slaughter shaft, if that gives you an idea of competency.

With all the recent buffs to IB; you may have a glorious reign through the campaign; but do play around with what you find; theres alot of blue and purple weapons that are as good if not better than orange gear

IB? What’s that?

TVHM M4? I’ve never played it online before. Its a new concept (for me) that I’m down to try.

Sorry, i should have used the full term. IB is your “Iron Bear” action skill

If we don’t already have one, we need a new acronym thread for BL3.


True Vault Hunter Mode, Mayhem 4. Hardest difficulty seeing in the game currently.

Im an Iraq Veteran. Lol. I should have been able to figure it out. Lol.