Tutorial for custom races?

I looked in the tutorial list and I tried googling, but I can’t find a tutorial for removing default races and making new ones.

What are you looking for? Usually, though, what you want is to look at the scripts folder and, in the races subfolder, copy-paste the content linked to one of the vanilla factions, then edit said content to fit your new faction.

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I would start with scripts\races.

It’s really more about a process of working your way through a big number of related steps that make sense, than a tutorial material.


Looking there, it seems pretty straightforward. I just make copies of the built in things, edit them, and set the default ones to not playable? Is there a list I need to add to or does it just scan for files?

If you want something that will not give you massive headaches later on, first define a new prefix for all your units and subsystems, ideally different from the eight or so used already by the game. Then, when you copy-paste the faction files from, for example, the Hiigaran, you will first replace the hgn_ prefix by your new one in all the files there. Then you will edit the research and construction trees to fit the units and subsystems you want to have available.

Then you will add in the familylist.lua file new families for construction and the such with the new prefix. At this point, you will edit your units’ and subsystems’ files to fit said families. Then you will launch the game with the -luatrace command, try to start some game with your new faction. It will crash to desktop. Then you go to the HWRM.log file and see what went wrong. Repeat those last steps until the game actually loads.


Data path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\data
Font Load: data:UI\Font\Blender.rcf, 1600,900
Font Attr: 14, Biu
No mapping for font ‘Blender’ - using 'default’
Resetting fp PC control word.
CmdLine: -traceHODs -luatrace -debug -moddatapath E:\Homeworld\UniBrick -overridebigfile
13 Races Discovered
Race Filtering: DEATHMATCH rules - @Deathmatch,Extras
Starting Level: DATA:\LevelData\Multiplayer\DeathMatchHW1\4p_ironcurtain.level
Display: (0, 0, 100, 100) - (8, 31)

I can’t tell what went wrong :worried:

I re-did the scripts/races thing and it doesn’t crash.

However, now, none of my ships spawn and the game promptly ends.

EDIT: Got it working