[Tutorial] Getting started with Borderlands Modding (Only on PC)

(Franckestanyt) #23

yes i do this, but i have deleted nvcpl.dll, and error stay

(Angry Crux Guy) #24

If you try to access the editor w/out the nvcpl.dll in the binaries folder it won’t work so do not delete it.
If the second part of my previous post confused you I was just saying that you need to remove that file (nvcpl.dll) if you want to play the game and not use the editor and if you want to use the edito you’ll need to put the file back there each time and having the file there will prevent you from playing the game (at least from my experience).

Also, you need to use either the win7_fix.bat (if win7 and maybe later version like 8, 8,1 and 10) or the fix.bat if using Windows XP/Vista.

(barnes3) #25

also the steam version crashes even more than the disc version
I have the goty disc version installed for the editor and the steam version for testing/playing

(Franckestanyt) #26

I got goty version in steam, but my disc version dont got claptrap revolution, do you have a link? i will try installing disc version

(barnes3) #27

don’t think I have a link for the claptrap thing ,but the disc version can be a pain to install now the gamespy thing is no more
but this may help with the install http://www.digitalworksweb.com/securomsupport/index.php?id=7&L=0

(Franckestanyt) #28

Oh thanks, but i fix it :D, thanks for helping, i dont use the disc version but i now place nvscpl and it work :smiley:

(Jabezrbrain) #29

I have tried to load the Oasis locations following the directions here - It didnt work. I am using Windows 10 and the Steam version. Is there nay way I could speak to you about getting it to work? I ultimately want to play the extra DLC content known as the “Custom DLC” Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks!

(Ryoushinteki) #30

Did you download the actual map file and place it in the map slots location ?

(Jabezrbrain) #31

yes - I sure tried ( I think I did!)
At step 2 this is stated:
“It should promt you to merge and overwrite files, select yes to all.
If you didn’t merge folders you extracted it to the wrong spot. Go back and try again…”

This never happened for me - no matter what I did.
When I next tried to start my BL1 game - it popped up with an error message for EACH separated map file I had placed in there - this happens at each load. SO, I finally deleted them out of there just to save time.
I am thinking since step 2 didn’t work out for me correctly (as it is stated) - then, the rest of the steps may never have panned out for me either.

Any ideas?

(Ryoushinteki) #32

You need to run the executable file titled win7. It applies patches required to make Oasis work properly.

(Jabezrbrain) #33

That’s in the ZBL PatchPublic 5.4 zip right? If I am correct, it didnt work because I never was asked to overwrite my files in the first place?

(Jabezrbrain) #34

When I unzip the folder to my borderlands folder - I never get this message:
“If you didn’t merge folders you extracted it to the wrong spot…”

I have it in the borderlands folder. What am I missing here?

(Ryoushinteki) #35

I didn’t get it either. Haven’t had an issue and yeah should be the zed path. Just run the win7 file and make sure the upk files are in the map slot folder where it should ask for you to overwrite the file and everything should work fine

(CoolDude) #36

This may be me being a complete novice (because I am), but when I create anything in the UDK for Borderlands (Steam Edition), I only ever get the XYZ Coordinate symbols to move it around. When I look at tutorials online, they always have a symbol on it like a skull or apple or something. This is what I see when I create one.

(CoolDude) #37

Well it appears this question has been answered in a way on the forums. It seems that Steam doesn’t play nice. That stinks.

(CoolDude) #38

Second question which I haven’t seen anywhere: how do you get a vehicle in your custom level? It seems you’ll have to do something with “WillowVehicleCombatArea”, “VehicleSpawnStationTerminal”, and/or “VehicleSpawnStationPlatform”. If I had to guess, all 3 would be needed. The area would be the general thing to place, the terminal would be the thing you go into to spawn it in-game, and the platform would be what the vehicles rest on, but that’s about all I can think of.

When I try to create either of the last 2, all I get is “?INT?UnrealEd.UnrealEd.Error_CouldNotCreateActor_NoDefinition?” with or without placing the “WillowVehicleCombatArea” first.

(Xervous) #39

Getting general protection fault when I try to run the editor. Game runs fine. Funny considering I had the editor working yesterday (couldn’t copy components however). What manner of fixes might I try?

((GIT)r-man) #40

Find Documents\my games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Unpublished and delete or move to a temporary folder any .umap and .upk files you find in there.

(Xervous) #41

Thank you, that did it.

(Salty Guy) #42

i’ve already open it once
now when i open it gives me this error