[Tutorial] Making the Progenitor a Playable Race

Here’s my attempt at following in Moe’s footsteps. This tutorial should take you from start to finish on a basic mod to create a new playable race using the Progenitor ships from HW2. This is aimed at beginners new to modding Homeworld Remastered. It is compatible with HWRM v2.205.

I mention UnfBig in the tutorial, you can download it here: http://www.moddb.com/games/homeworld/downloads/homeworld-universe-mod-tools

I’ve also uploaded a “control” version of the mod that you can compare against. Feel free to rip it open and examine the files if you get stuck.


Oh wow, the memories. You gave me flashbacks, Vietnam-style.

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This is great, a clear guide to new races in HWRM has been lacking from the tutorials list for a while… Well done!


Iv been waiting for this for a bout 3 years +


ive been reading on how to make this mod looks great played the mod and loved it but i was wondering how to make ships hyperspace i know the Seljuk can hyperspace but how do i make the keepers and dreadnoughts hyperspace aswell hope to hear back soon thanks as this will b my very first time making a mod :slight_smile:


Have a look at https://hwmod.fandom.com/wiki/HWRVariableAddAbility

You need to change a line in the ship file.

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2020 Edit: All the HWRM wiki’s mentioned above are being consolidated into the new wiki here: Homeworld Remastered Karos Graveyard