Tutorial Missions Steam Achievement

Hi all,

Quick one.

I have completed both tutorials - HW1 remastered and HW2 remastered (they appear to be the same!?) - yet Steam achievements are not reacting properly…

HW2 Tutorial achievement has unlocked but HW1 Tutorial achievement remains locked.

Is this bug or am I missing something?!

HW1 requires the Classic, not Remastered tutorial to be completed, iirc.


OK - thanks for the info :slight_smile:

When she says in the HW1 tutorial “you might get attacked so stick around!” you need to actually stay there and kill all the waves sent at you.

THEN she says you’re all done and it’ll click doe the HW1 classic. However, HW2 classic also needs to be done for the achievement, but that one is just pretty much a copy and paste that Remastered was based on.

Humm, guess that’s one achievement I may never get. For some reason I can’t complete the 2nd HW2 classic tutorial section…