Tutorial Mode, anyone?

I’ve been playing Battleborn for a while and, needless to say, I like it. A lot.

However, one of the biggest things that I wish the game had was some kind of tutorial mode (as in, a simulated environment where I can take a character into and play around with, a-la “Street Fighter” (even though I’ve never touched “Street Fighter”)). A place where I can play around with different combos or see what way down through their helix I want to go. I’ve, personally, had far too moments where I would pick a character and the game would be unplayable because I just can’t “get into them” (ISIC, I’m looking at you!)

I’m pretty sure “tutorial mode” is the wrong phrase I’m using, but just a place I can seriously get into the characters without the nuisance of doing it in-game. I also understand why there might not be one, as Gearbox would want you to figure the characters out on-the-fly in-game. This is pretty understandable, but I’m loving the game so much that I want to dedicate to characters in my own private time so when I do finally go into a map (say, Coldsnap), and feel like I have a good feel of who I’m playing with.

However, this may mean players will get TOO good at characters, so there is definitely a huge disadvantage. Someone might have played, say, El Dragon so much that they know his best combinations and whatnot.

In addition, it would also give me the opportunity to get used to ALL the characters, including the new ones that are about to be added.

What do people think? Am I on my own? Also, if this is the wrong place (I’m pretty sure it isn’t), apologizes. Also, if this has been mentioned before, well, for those who want one – I’m on your side, buddy.

This is just something that I’ve had on my mind for ages and I thought I would finally get it off my chest.


I generally just take a new character into a private game, whether private storymode or a private match…

This way I know I’m not impacting other players if I don’t know how to use them, or if I don’t like them…

And if I do like them, then storymode allows me to level them up, unlock helixes, and gather some gear I might be able to use for them…

And if I don’t like them, I can just quit out, and it doesn’t impact anyone, but me…

Kinda like my own tutorial… But yeah, not quite what you suggested, haha.


need all battleborn Hero Skill Overview video and put in in-game character page.
battleborn homepage and youtube provide information video but I don’t think all beginner access battleborn homepage and watch information video.

Just do private match. You can just make it one on one and you can quit and restart as often as you like.

Capture is likely best since the varelsi level you up for each killed. Easy way to try out helix builds.

Just set 1 bot on each team. They’ll typically make no headway against each other so the match will only end quickly with your participation

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I don’t feel the need for a tutorial as I can grasp and get into characters pretty fast, BUT a test environment(also,I assume this is what you mean) would be very much appreciated. Aside from testing out characters it would let us check the impact some gear has,like,if 10% higher crit damage is worth it(it’s not) etc.

I think it would be fairly easy to make a map with a bunch of minions,thralls,shepards,MX-ultras(I know that’s not what they’re called :P),sentries and so on,each in passive mode,agressive mode,evasive mode. + some chambers with various cc effects or even being able to spawn a BattleBorn bot. It would definitely help new players a lot and would be a welcome asset to anyone taking the mechanics apart to see how exactly do they work… I’m on board with this idea.

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This is what I mean. Some kind of environment where I can set up certain scenarios and see what character works best. The Battleborn bot is a good idea, too. Somewhere I can test other characters and see if they have any weaknesses I could exploit and use to my advantage, and what character works better with that advantage.

But as everyone suggests, the private match idea is a pretty good one! I’ll have to give this a shot.