[Tutorial] Playing mods with the Enhanced version


This tutorial will explain how to access the Oasis on the Enhanced remaster version of Borderlands on the PC. This tutorial involves overwriting content from the original game, but does not affect anything as far as game play.

Resources / Requirements

ZBL patch
Oasis Map Hub
Underdome Oasis R1
A Clean install of the original Borderlands. Not the enhanced version.


  1. Download above resources.

  2. Extract the ZBL_Patch.zip to your Enhanced Borderlands directory.

  • It should promt you to merge and overwrite files, select yes to all.
  • If you didn’t merge folders you extracted it to the wrong spot. Go back and try again.
  1. Located in the folder you just extracted to:
    If you are running Windows 7 run the file win7_fix.bat
    If you are using Windows XP or Vista (really…?) run the fix.bat

  2. Extract the folders “MapSlots” and “Oasis” from Oasis.zip into the following directory.


  1. Navigate to the following directory in your clean install of the non-enhanced version of Borderlands.


  1. Copy the “Packages” folder and paste it into your Enhanced version of Borderlands in the following directory. Decline the option to overwrite any files.


  1. Navigate to the following directory in your Enhanced version of Borderlands.


  1. Create a backup of the following file. Rename it to what ever you please.


  1. Navigate to the root direcory in your Enhanced version of Borderlands.


  1. Open the zip file Underdome Oasis R1.rar and merge the WillowGame folder with the one found in the above directory. Nothing should prompt you to overwrite any files.

You should now be able to launch your game and travel to the Underdome lobby to be greeted to a new method of accessing the Oasis.


Haha, very clever. Great work as always Dope. Good to see you still alive.

Ps.: I’ve shared this work in the Borderlands Discord server. :smiley:

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AWSM! Works really well. Also solved the missing textures issue i was having with the various mapslots. Tysvm :grinning::+1:

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Semi off topic but for some reason I can’t send messages on here, do you still have your hyperion apex facility dlc by chance? If so would you mind linking me a download? I really want to play it! Thanks!

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FYI New users can’t send PMs straight away. After you’ve been around a bit and developed something of a posting history, you’ll be able to send them.

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Thank you. It works well.

I have an issue. After I installed this I no longer have any locations in my fast travel.
Is anyone else getting this or did I do something wrong?

hi ! How open UE editor for Enhanced ?

You can’t.

It’s not an actual thing.

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It’s only the Master Shaders being renamed to Master that’s causing the texture problems with mods & maps. They add up to less than 1MB.
I’ve made a self-extracting rar with them in that puts them in the right place, just unzip & run

If you’d rather not run a exe file here’s a rar version, just extract to your Borderlands Enhanced Edition directory.


The path on step number 4 is incorrect, could you update it please?
As of right now it tells people to install it to the original borderlands, which is confusing because of the requirements.

id like to send people to this tutorial because its far superior to others around.

For step 2 where excatly am i supposed to extract it ? I tried several directories but none of them opened a window for merging or overwriting files. Thanks in advance.

the last step i am getting an overwrite message for dopefiend oasis upk and the dlc lobby file.