[TUTORIAL] Quixel Suite 2.0

With akward voice of me :slight_smile:
First time for me doing voice commentary video.
As my mother language is finnish, some words are really hard to say.


Thank you… BIG TIME!!!

I could do tutorial about making those edge/cavity weathering effects from scratch.

After i get my most recent model done.

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https://youtu.be/SRNmDCFnzVA Quick tutorial about painting on your ships and making those those details.

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I still need to watch your videos… I imagine by now I would have studied them closely. Unfortunately merely buying Quixel isn’t good enough. It expects me to have hard drive space too. Sure, the programs go on the external disk happily enough, but the ‘Framework’ I’m supposed to install to use this stuff won’t, and that’s a good 1.4GB. What makes them think I have that kind of space??? It’s discrimination!!!

@unifin Am I understanding correctly that with Quixel suite, you draw the normals by hand first, and then it generates a bunch of base textures from that?

After i have done my normals, i bake Ambient Occulsion/Curvature maps from em.

There is thing called “input map reimpoter” in quixel DDO which allows you to bring new normal map if last one was not good enough. But then you have to bake those other 2 maps again to get correct results.

Base textures are not generated, but all those edge weathering effects are from em.

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Thanks for your tutorial! Between this and your Resurgence WIP thread it motivated me to finally get Quixel Suite. Managed to make a pretty good looking normal map with it too! :smiley:

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one effect I have been trying to figure out is how to create is the appearance of a recessed area that is behind a panel, using masks it is possible to clip the normals of the recess, but I can’t seem to get the AO to shadow it like it is behind the foreground normals

hmm. Can you post a pic? That would help.

Easier to provide a render of a example model as an explanation, I know the parallax and geometry won’t be possible, but I would like to simulate the AO of the recessed cutout. It is easy enough to mask the recessed geometry so that the normals are clipped, providing sharp edges for the underlying mechanicals, but without cutting and pasting from another baked image after quixel bakes the general AO I can’t think of a way of doing this


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If i understand this right, you want dark AO kind of effect in those cutout areas easily without editing baked maps.

One way to do that would be using height map as mask layer. When doing normals in NDO use this value. http://quixel.se/usermanual/quixelsuite/doku.php?id=usingzfactor
We dont need that specific effect but we can use it as mask in DDO to darken those areas etc.
You can bake this map in NDO by using map converter. Just make sure your planefill is 100% and zfactor is 10. for those areas where you want this effect.
And in DDO make sure you invert the Height mask map.

I did not test this in DDO, but i think it’s possible.
But i did test it NDO and here’s result, When you add curvatory map in to mix i think you may get that specific result.

Actually i am going to try this in DDO.

Of course you could paint those darker areas with dark color like i have usually done.

So. i used Height map as mask and got this. There are couple layers above my base detail layers so there is no detail on those cutouts