TVHM and Mayhem 3 is madness

When you get 2 anointed fiends plus hardened badasses all going after you things get pretty crazy. It took me awhile to figure out that the anointed psychos are weak against fire and elemental ones against shock. The midget ones that regenerate health I haven’t gotten a strategy that works well. Corrosive guns? All in all it’s hard and very intense but fun. Without legendaries that deal elemental damage though, it’s pretty much impossible

You’ll learn how to manage. Mayhem 3 require a solid build and good understanding of enemies. There is strategy to work around all of them (Appart from annointed militant that are a pain in the butt)

Overall, you need a fireweapon with good DPS and large mag at all time.

For me it’s all about equipping myself to take the most advantage of whatever mayhem modifiers rolled for me. Because of this I generally keep an assortment of assault rilfes + lyudas and an assortment of shotguns/smgs/pistols.

But sometimes you get crap rolls that you just have to power through (or quit/restart to get a better roll).

Also, if you can get your hands on a cryo trevonator you’ll want to hold on to that because it freezes badasses with no problem

For the smaller ones an ideal combination is to use a quasar grenade + a very high powered elemental legendary weapon. The quasar holds them in place if you don’t have Amara as a char.

Also make sure the mayhem modifiers are in your favor. Like +70% elemental damage.

Ok so I think I know who the annointed militants are. When they put up shields I use a shock hex mirv and it shocks them from all angles that breaks the shield. Their fire nova stage though is unaffected. Shock hex mirv or fade away behind them and unloading AAA legendary is good.