TVHM and Mayhem 3

Anyone else tried this for loot drops? I just went in a did Brick and Tina’s (pizza) quest. Burned pretty much all of my ammo fighting “immune” anointed mobs (15 total on just those 2 quest lines) and only saw a single legendary drop. Bad luck or is it just not worth the time/effort it takes to actually play this way, because it is not easy by any means,.

just wondering

I did a Mayhem-3 Playthrough (Accidentally) on Moze and had no issues with any enemies or bosses, the legendaries were lacking from most bosses but I felt like the drops from just killing scrubs was good

It’s worth it if you aren’t killing things significantly slower, but if TVHM mayhem 3 is a struggle you’ll likely get loot faster playing on a lower difficulty.