TVHM and Mayhem mode Questions

im currently on my first play through. and have a few questions regarding the title post.

once i finish the main story can i Activate Mayhem mode ?

and whats the point of TVHM ? take note that back in Borderlands 2, the highest level I reached was 42. never got to try Tvhm in Borderlands 2. so im not familiar with Tvhm and with the new addition of Mayhem mode the idea of enemies scaling to my level.

seems like my idea of my endgame.

Halp :roll_eyes: :grimacing:

edit: bonus question - from a reddit post i heard the Legendary Torqe ‘craps’ handcannon can crash the game/ my xbox i have the original xbox one.when ADSing ? im LegitimateLY TOTALL SERIOUSLY scared :frowning:

insert torqe making guitar noises here


More challenging content (but replaying everything again), better loot drops. Be careful in setting the Mayhem mode to a desired level before deciding to run TVHM. Some people turn it off first run…

Not sure about this one. I would guess if it’s cleaned regularly and file structure is maintained well, and you run it on performance mode at 1080p, it might be ok. Some people report issues, some do not…

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thanks looks like ill most likey activate Mayhem once im done the main story. im still TOTALLY Scared to use the Craps handcannon :neutral_face:

edit: im on xbox one the original xbox

edit 2: so anyone who has crashes using this weapon on a original xbox one feel free to respond to this reply.

BL3 has 6 difficulty layers: A) normal B) TVHM and C) Mayhem 1-4.

Compared to normal, TVHM adds some more challenge, everything scales to your level and it allows you to replay story and missions.

Mayhem modes add more difficulty on top of TVHM, and it doesn’t matter if you start it in normal or TVHM, it’s the exact same thing. The point of TVHM here is simply that you can replay story and missions.

edit: just as difficulty increases with each, loot gets better too.


Seconding Doc’s post