TVHM and normal mode possibly mixed up?

On Xbox one X and I have a level 50 Amara whose been level 50 since the second week of launch basically. However, I recently decided to do TVHM and now when i go back to normal mode Edan 6 and nekratafeyo are gone as well as me not being able to fast travel anywhere. The farthest i can travel is Athenas which makes me think it doesnt have to do with TVHM because I didnt get that far.

Any help would be much appreciated because Amara was my main farmer and now I can’t get anywhere.

Thank you!

If you went into another session where their progress wasnt as far as yours it can break fast travel… should be able to travel to sanctuary and Pandora, otherwise use the pod and walk them all back in your map.
I had this happen on my normal playthrough too n ended up just finishing tvhm instead

Just note that you can probably navigate sactuary to places you may not have found yet; trials/slaughterstar 3000 but the pod wont work until you discover their mission
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