TVHM and UVHM an idea

There are plenty of other mechanical ideas about what these modes should be (or if they should even exist).

I’m not addressing that.

What do you all think about there being the same main story, and the same side quests (b/c it’s nice to be able to redo them)…but maybe ADDITIONAL side quests in each mode?

These could either be “fed off of” the prior side quests (to enrich some story) or they could be their own separate side quests.

But the idea would be that you can’t get TVHM side quests in NVHM and you can’t get UVHM side quests in either of the other modes.

Would you like it? Hate it? Want them to institute it?

It seems to me that it could be a fun carrot, and would encourage gameplay over grinding…and that they’d only have to create a quest - not a boss, or a new level, or new balance or whatever.