TVHM Anointed Enemies

I’m not trying to rant or anything, I’m just trying to bring awareness i suppose that in TVHM anointed enemies are stupidly immune. Immunity should only be a factor for main bosses, not mini bosses. I shouldn’t have more trouble fighting an anointed mob than I do fighting any other main boss. I’d rather fight 5 Tyrene the destroyers at once than fight an anointed mob in TVHM. I’m not saying they need a Nerf so to say, I’m just hoping that there immunity gets taken away.


Anointed enemies are tankier than most bosses on TVHM Mayhem 3, haha.

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Gearbox really needs to tone down the anointed enemies in TVHM. Once I got to Eden 6, every battle had at least 2-4 anointed enemies that are immune to ALL damage most of the time, and do insane damage to you, almost always a one shot down, add to that playing as weak Zane, you cant do it. I literally can’t get past the missions on Eden 6 because of this, and its not even on a Mayhem mode. Bosses, easy, badasses, easier, anointed, not even a scratch.
Either their spawn frequency needs to be nerfed to the ground, or they need 90% less health.


each one has its god move.
there is the “hey screw you, let me praise the sun for a bit”
there is the “death ball of doom that tracks”
and then there is antman. please stop changing, I need to headshot you.

And every single one is one hit death, dont even get a chance to get an action skill off (and if I do, it gets negated in half a second.) Its actual crap

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Stopped doing the trials tonight because half the time one of these guys just stops my progress. I cant hit him with anything even on Mayham 1. :frowning:

Was so frustrating tonight. I was trying out Zane’s buffs and just could not progress. If I was even able to whittle one down my deaths and the slow completion time meant I got blues and greens on Mayhen 1, 2 or 3. These anointed guys need a nerf or the whole trials content is futile.

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I spend more time on the anointed enemies than the bosses. Its not fun when things are just immune to everything and the damage window you can hit them is tiny. Dont get me wrong, i dont think that we should just steamroll everything. I really enjoy the cover play i have to play with the Badass Zelots with rocket launchers (especially with larger explosions on M3). I like having to kite the Badass Psychos etc etc. But adding immunity with a very small damage window is just not fun. I hope they have a slight redesign.



Come on! They have been touched by the hand of God Queen Tyreen herself! :open_mouth:

actually troy made them but yes they have been blessed by a “god” bleh

They are rather annoying I’m trying to farm sloth to get the piss grenade, and 3 anointed militants keep spawning for me, I’m using rakk stalk fire, a rad hive, a cryo recurring hex and have electric banjo in and all 4 damage types keep coming up as immune when any hit

Immunity taken away is technically a nerf though :smile: I do agree though.

Even if its a month old by now, i just want to state that i agree 100%.
I do get them down nearly every time on tvhm and mayhem 3 (now eden 6), but man they just are so damn anoying.
Its not that they are a challenge to any point, but they just need so god damn long to die. Every battle just keeps going on and on and on because you need to shove 2000 bullets down that violet throat.
And dont get me started on those anointed fighters which indeed just go immune like 80% of the fight.

They are no challenge, they dont drop any better rewards than any other mob, they dont provide any fun.
More like the opposite is the case, i just quit the game just and only because the first fight i got into after taking 10min to kill 2 anointed spawned 1 anointed zelot and one of those crazy suckers.
Man that ■■■■ is frustrating.

But as Moze on Mayham 3 i can at least hop in my Walker and take 50% more damage then before. Thats something, i guess.