TvHM balancing?

Did they not balance tvhm? I thought it was going to be harder then normal but with any weapon a few hits and they’re dead. With fl4k dont even need fade away anymore

Are you in easy mode? Did you enable mayhem from sanctuary 3?

I’m in tvhm there is only normal mode or tvhm(2nd playthrough) and I picked the hardest for everything. Unless you’re able to do mayhem right away in tvhm I just figured since I entered second playthrough that I had to wait until endgame to do mayhem again. Regardless the gameplay was harder in normal mode non mayhem then tvhm is right now

Well, there is an in-game option that allows you to adjust normal and true modes to easy or normal. Then, mayhem mode adds additional difficulty to the enemies. But that must be enabled once you’re on Sanctuary 3.

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I enabled mayhem mode as soon as I was able to and never took it off. When I went into tvhm it was gone. But like I said tvhm should not be this easy regardless of mayhem or not. And yes between the two difficulty available I’m in normal not easy.

Once you start TVHM you have to go back and re-enable mayhem. It turns off by default.

The mayhem mode stand is not even there in tvhm. As I suspected it wont come back til I finish my 2nd playthrough. Went back to normal mode to confirm and yes you do lose the mayhem stands in tvhm until you complete the story a second time. But tvhm is supposed to be more difficult then normal. So I’d imagine this is an issue to be resolved.

That is not true. Just walk up to it and you’ll be able to activate it.

Bro it’s not there at all. It’s only there in the normal playthrough that is completed. It is not in my tvhm that is not completed. If you want ss of proof I will show you.

@korben44 There are 6 different Mayhem levels. Mayhem 1~3 in normal mode, and Mayhem 1~3 in TVHM. You have to beat the game again in TVHM to activate the 2nd set of Mayhem’s. The ultimate goal being to get to TVHM Mayhem 3.

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Well I completed normal mode and it was available for me.

@Ratsle that doesn’t make sense for normal mode unless you mean once you complete the playthrough and then go back to normal mode. I’ll have to look at that when I get home. Was there literature on this somewhere that I missed? Pretty cool imtgat you can do that, though.

Korben did you not listen to me? I mentioned normal mode and tvhm specifically and said that mayhem mode was locked til the end of both modes. But it should be cleared up now

I was thinking the same thing. This game us extremely easy. I beat first play through on normal turned on Mayhem 3 and it was slightly challenging so I started TVHM hoping for more challenge and im just running through enemies still. Hopefully Mayhem on TVHM will fix the itch lol.

Well, I just beat the game on normal and don’t have time to test out TVHM yet. I remember the first time I played TVHM in BL2, I thought it was only slightly harder. But that was at first. The difficulty it a sweet spot shortly after.

As for BL3, I think it might be due to the increase in drops to rare loot. The game would be pretty easy if you were constantly decked out in the right legendaries and purples.

For me it’s not even the drops I ran blues and greens to see if there is much of a difference but not really. Hopefully mayhem fixes the difficulty balance. I mean I’m playing it exactly as I did normal ignoring the use of elements because I dont need them

@kroben44 I need to retract my earlier statement. I just checked my char in UVHM, and I do have the options in Sanctuary to enable the different Mayhem modes. Sorry i could have swore I saw somewhere that it worked the way I talked about above.

I read what you said, but it doesn’t make sense. Mayhem is available after you complete the first playthrough. You do not need to go through TVHM to get access to it again.

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So you can enable different mayhem levels in TVHM?

Yes. I still need to do some more testing but I still think mayhem in normal mode is different than tvhm. I can set my game type to normal and get a proving ground match right away. If I set my char to tvhm and try get a proving ground match I am not finding any games.

Whelp I guess that’s a bug in my game then. I do not have the mayhem selector in my tvhm playthrough. It made sense that it wouldnt be available to the end but doesnt look to be the case