TVHM Bug, Signal Source

Is anyone experiencing a bug on TVHM where when you’re on the way through Crisis Scar to Red Belly’s place the gate to the compound wont open and jumping over the fence doesn’t update the mission?
Any help besides do it in a co-op?

Not had that happen on the story mission, but once the gate has opened I’ve had the next phase fail to trigger until I’ve run back up on the wall and re-triggered the Redbelly dialogue.

Did the turrets either side of the gate make an appearance?

Turrets don’t make an appearance. I skip all the way over the wall, kill the badass and go through till i reach the door of Red Belly’s place, but the door wont open because i can’t trigger the objective

save/quit. its the turrets that trigger the door.

i had something similar happen. Leave the area then go back it should work after that.

I’ve saved, quit about 3 or 4 times (i’m going to crisis scar through scav trap way) and the turrets still don’t trigger

This is the one where the badass outlaw comes through the door just before RB? Where you go for pickles sister?

Only way I know is random online co-op, save-quit didn’t work for me

Yeah where the badass comes out, was on my way to RB, not pickles sister

Try going back through the long way - it’s a pain, but I’ve never had the turrets trigger after going through the door where the scav trap is (once you’ve unlocked it from the inside.)

Okay so i went round the long way and finally the turrets appeared (YAY!). In my opinion, you need to trigger the dialogue of zarpedon shooting big purple laser thingy before the turrets can appear

How about trying to get to Crisis Scar from Triton Flats, I cannot get that gate to open, but I can jump over it, kill all the baddies and head for the travel point. when I get there the travel point door is closed. How am I supposed to get past it?

Something else I’ve done that seems to work is hop my way all the way above the Red & Belly room, to where you destroy the 3 , er, gizmos (whatever my crappy memory is blocking), then run back to the errant gate. That has triggered the “Vault hunter’s got mooooves!” Red/Belly dialog for me like twice now. Yeah, this bug is a real PITA.

Did you try @xJayy’s solution of coming in from the other map entrance (the “back door”)? I’ve never had any problems taking that route.

Yes, When I leave Moxxi’s back door and go to the hideout entrance on Triton flats, I cannot get through. I jump over the gate, take the jump pad across, kill the baddies, jump to the area to get to the travel point to Crisis Scar, but the door won’t open.

Weird. And just to confirm, you did the darksiders thing for the claptrap unit guarding the main gate, went back, and got the password, right?

that’s what i was thinking. i tend to go for the next objective before completing the current one because ive done the story so many times or i think my co-op buds will go to objective but they all have ADHD and run about like headless chickens or follow me. They should know better than to follow me by now because im heading to the next one to expedite our run.

“We’ve gone around the wrong way!”

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yeah, the mission detail in the log screen says Reach Crisis Scar: Complete and the box is checked.

I’ve also contacted 2K Games for support but, as usual, they can’t do anything. “Try to get on with someone who hasn’t completed that mission in TVHM yet” Seriously, thanks for going the extra mile to help me out :unamused:


I’ve often come unstuck by bypassing some things because i’ve done it so many times.

Once you leave Moxxi’s backdoor, you have to meet the claptrap, then go to Darksiders tower and get the prisms and kill 20 of them, then return to the claptrap, talk to claptrap, you get the password then you unlock the door to where the jump pad is.

If you have done all these steps, you have a problem.