[TVHM] Can a Siren solo any raid bosses? Like, at all?

Howdy there. :handshake:
I’m a noob when it comes to BL, so bear with me. :woman_shrugging:

I’m an OCD-game-completionist, I have to have every achievement in the game before I can finally put it to rest. And I really wanna drop BL2 for now because I’m bored of it, but my OCD doesn’t let me to, so now all I have left to do is the raid bosses.

In NVHM (somewhere around lvl 40) I tried solo’ing Pete and Hyperius, and I couldn’t take them because I just kept running out of ammo. I did well in those fights, it’s just that my guns were simply too weak.
I tried solo’ing the Dragons, I managed to kill the purple one, but then the other 3 fked me up HARD.
Tried Voracidous. Got insta-killed. Twice. :weary: I don’t even know how the fk to fight him, I don’t understand the mechanics.

I’m a lvl 51 Siren, finished TVHM like an hour ago. I have NO intention of playing in UVHM, because I really don’t feel like replaying the game a third time.

Is it even remotely possible to solo any raid bosses as a Siren in TVHM? None of my friends even finished the game in NVHM, so no co-op option, unfortunately. :cry: And, as I’ve mentioned before, I will not do an UVHM run.
I don’t care about the drops, I just wanna beat the bosses just once so I can finally put the game to rest. Every tutorial that I’ve seen on Youtube focused on UVHM or OP8, so I’m kind of looking for advice on how to deal with bosses in TVHM. Idk - any safe spots, special builds, specific gear, fighting tactics?

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you need help with raid bosses, you need advice from the masters. ~ping~ calling @nat_zero_six ~ping~


give us your build. use this http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#000000000000000000000000000000

and the gear you use and currently have. We might give you some recommendations.


Yeah, sorry, forgot to give you my build lol

Atm I’m pretty much using only Ballanced Slagga because it’s the most versatile gun for me. Thought to use it for slagging, but I find it that I don’t even need to swap.
Also am using Chrono Binder for +5 Suspension.

I haven’t replayed the DLCs yet. And I haven’t done that radio mission for the Bee, so I don’t really have a good shield rn, just using whatever shield looks fine at the moment. Like, I just fought the Warrior, so I just used some random rare Adaptive Shield or something lol.

I thought I should do some farming first, after all, as I understand, after finishing TVHM everyone’s lvl scales up to 50, including the bosses. But still, whatever my lvl is, I should at least know what kind of gear/build I should have before even trying to take on any boss. I mean, in NVHM I kind of almost killed Hyperius (left him with ~10% health) before I completely ran out of ammo. So, I guess I was doing at least something right lol

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You are better off with Ruin and Reaper in Cataclysm tree. Phaselock related skills and kill skills are somewhat useless in raiding without any minions. Try this build http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#550041000050000000004555010501

It is a good decent gun using it for the damage, but for raid boss you need a weapon that can pack a punch. Just use it for slagging and find other weapons to be used for the damage.

It is an okay com for mobbing, you are better with a binder that boost reaper though. There are other good raiding coms, like cat etc.

Do that, if you want a really fast raid boss kills, a Bee is a must. If you have Scarlett’s DLC, try to farm for an Incendiary and Shock Sandhawk. Farm also for a Harold if you don’t have one.

There are different weapon loadout and strategies for each raid bosses and sometimes different builds. But overall a Beehawk Maya is the reliable one.

Advise me who you want to kill first so we can plot some strategies with what you currently have.


Yeah, I had the idea of trying out the BeeHawk thing, just figured that I’d complete the main storyline before playing DLCs or picking up side missions.

I had the least problems with Hyperius, and of all bosses he seemed the easiest, so I guess I’ll start with Scarlett’s DLC. Then Torgue’s for Pete, Hammerlock’s for Vorac, and end it all with Tiny Tina’s.

Speaking of the latter - is it just really difficult, or just pretty much near-impossible to solo the Dragons with Maya? Because my friend (who doesn’t play BL anymore :/) barely managed to kill them while playing as Sal, and Sal seems like the best character to pick for raid bossing. It seems ridiculously difficult to solo them with Maya, I have NO idea how people manage to solo them with Zer0.

Thank you for the help, though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Dragons is one of the hardest raid boss but it is doable.

Also try to farm also for a good fire badaboom. :wink:


Here is Terra
Fire Sandhawk (a Harold works also), Bee, Cat Class Mod (Legendary Cat if you have if not a Cat with points in Accelerate and Mind’s eye would do), Fire relic

Strategy: It is okay to cheese him in the rock, we all do it.



Gear - Shock Sandhawk, Bee, Cat Class Mod, Shock Relic.

Strategy - Just shoot him, and try to avoid his novas by hiding at the back of the scaffolds, if you got a fire or corrosive damage overtime, open the valve and rinse it by going in the water. Don’t forget to use phaselock to slag him.

If you can’t kill him with that. try these cheespot

Open the Pete fight, then jump up in the ledge, and lure pyro pete in that ledge. Once Pete jumps up, go back down and Pete will eventually glitch and unable to jump back down. now you can kill him and just avoid the novas by hiding in the pillars.


Remember that’s a second generation COM. The Fox that’s used in that vid is a great choice for TVHM. Legendary Siren too of course.

Other great guns are the Lady Fist, Pimpernel, Hail and Heartbreaker ( although I’m not sure if you can get a level 50 Heartbreaker ).

@m3llitus - If you didn’t know, that’s to abuse Immolate if you go into FFYL.

Actually it can be even faster. With Death Mark from kunai and various critical damage increases, he can take bosses down very quickly. Bore vs Hyperius. And although I haven’t done it in TVHM, melee should be a snap.


oopps. i forgot, yeah. You can only get a Legendary Cat at Level 62.

Fox com is great in that too due to boost in burn damage and points in reaper and helios.



Gear - Fire Sandhawk (Harold), Corrosive Launcher (Topneaa, Badaboom), Cat or Fox Class Mod, Fire Relic, Singularity Grenade , Bee

Strategy - Damage Hyperius to open the fight and hide at the back of the pillar, Once Hyperius is done with the novas, Go near and group the 4 bots via Singularity grenades away from Hyperius, Once group up Fire a corrosive Weapons to them so that they will remove the shield from Hyperius and transfer to themselves.

Once Hyperius is without a shield, slag him and fire the sandhawk /Harold until he is dead.

I can’t find a good TVHM video but this will do, although it is 72 it is the same strategy.



Fastest kill on voracidous is the Immolate kill.

Gear - Fire Topneaa, Badaboom, Norfleet (try to have 3 good fire launcher at your disposal)
Aequitas Shield
Fire relic
Unyielding Banshee
Slag Bettys (low level as possible)

Strategy - Open the fight by shooting at voracidous, throw a few betties then hit the chief with a trespasser in the head (the trespasser bypass shield so a good slag chief will die in one hit or two in the head). Once the chief is down vora will became enrage, try to throw all of your slag grenades and go into ffyl. Once in FFYL just unload everything in Vora, switch if you run out of ammo (don’t reload).

A good shot in the face of Vora and he is dead.

This kill is with a norfleet

Another reliable method is beehawking (but it is quite difficult to do).

I also killed him melee with my recompense maya, I used 11/5 recompense (with warder com), cloud kill and some melee. I healthgate via Grog Nozzle. (by the way, open up this mission and you will need this to healthgate during raiding).



it is at an average a 9 to 10 minute kill, so if you just want a cheese kill

you can do the gate trick

Or the trick wherein you let gee absorb 1 acid and hide behind the rock

You can also do the normal Beehawking

If you want speed killing like this one, let me know.


Gear - Shock Sandhawk, (shock conference call), Bee, Harold (launcher for second winds), grog/rubi, shock relic

Strategy - Craw have four phases, after every phase, he will regain some health. The first phase is one of the hardest since there are no minions to get second winds. after every phase, just try to circle around the arena until craw pops back in. With good slag and beehawking (keep your bee up) the fight will be over in 2 minutes.



Not much here, just use a fire lady fist and go below the lodge and pop dexi’s zit one at a time.


The dragons is one of the hardest fight for me using Maya.

Build - you need to change a bit and use a thoughtlock build (it is better for maya so that the other dragons might focus on the one you thoughtlock giving you a amp damage on your full bee shield) - http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#555051050100000000000000000000. it is up to you if you want to go down cataclysm (more DPS) or motion (more Healing) just avoid cloud kill and helios.

Take Note - Do not put elemental DOT’s on the dragons when they are still up on the air, since if they land with a DOT on them, they will be immune to all elements (including slag).
Use a fire sandhawk for Boost, brood and Healianth, Shock Sandhawk for Incinerator.
Brood - spawns baby dragons, Boost - levels up other dragons, Healianth - Heals the other dragons, - Incinerator - sets the arena on fire. (i like to kill them in this order (Brood, Healianth, Incinerator, Boost).

Gear - Sandhawk, Bee, Non-elemental weapons of your choice (for bringing down the dragons). Grog/Rubi, Harold/launcher for second wind, fire relic, cat class mod, slag grenade (betties, magic missile).

Strategy, Bring down Brood (he will spawn in baby dragons), try to thoughtlock one and unload bee hawk to brood (you can also keep him alive so that whenever you need a baby dragon to thoughtlock just bring him down). Just do the same with the other 3 dragons.

Check this from SuperPayong

You can also abuse immolate on this one but you need (interfacers, i think a topneaa, norfleet, badaboom will also work on this).

check this out. this is in UVHM but you get the point.

Or you can do a mirror kill (but very difficult to do). I spent a few days just to get 1 kill but it is still not a perfect mirror kill. Here is striker with it.


Wow @nat_zero_six you legend! I was gonna post something but you even put videos in there! That will be very helpful for them! :smiley:


I think I’ll bookmark his thread! lol


I was planning to do something like this (make a thread and show the strats) for all character for 72 and op8 using casual raiding, fun build raiding and speed kill raids but i am still missing an op8 dragons kill with melee zero and op8 vorac kill with gaige and melee zero.

I haven’t tried it yet since i am enjoying doing coop ninja runs right now. :wink: