[TVHM] Can a Siren solo any raid bosses? Like, at all?

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As long as you’ll stay in TVHM, you will do just fine with a Good Touch SMG. Go tip Moxxi until she gives you one. This gun has good base damage, high crit bonus and it’s also very accurate. A good Cat COM will make the set more or less complete. This gun only comes in fire element, so you’ll need something else for Pete, Craw and the fire dragon.

The Bee is obviously the best option for bosses, but if you don’t have one, a nice purple Tediore shield will work very well. It has very low capacity, but recharges very fast. All the bosses have attacks that will drain your shield no matter the capacity, so getting it back online as fast as possible is always one of my highest priorities.

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That would be awesome!

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You guys are awesome. <3

This is really helpful.

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Let us know if you are successful. :wink::wink:

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I had to make it to the end of this thread to be able to give a HUGE shout out to @nat_zero_six for such amazing work and being so damn helpful. You are an awesome forum member and you deserve some accolades in my opinion. Like a COMMUNITY BADASS nomination… @MereAtGBX Can I nominate @nat_zero_six for COMMUNITY BADASS please?

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I listened to your advice and farmed Lee. I actually got really lucky - I killed him only thrice; on first time I immediately got Thrusting Unkempt Harold, and on third time I got a DP Unkempt Harold. I like DP, but it eats up ammo like nobody’s business. :confused:
But, it was DP Unkempt Harold that saved my butt in Terramorphous’ Lair. Killed him on my first try. :partying_face: He sent me into FFYL only once (goddamn boulders).

I’m really happy with my first boss kill. :grin: Your advice was invaluable.
Kinda disappointed tho - I got Slayer of Terramorphous mod for a mechromancer. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: And I found a Liquid Pitchfork, so… I guess it’s something. Imma try this again, it was stressful but fun. Gotta farm a bit before I can take on DLC bosses.
EDIT: ok, killed him a second time, finally got the mod for a Siren lol

Thanks, guys <3

@nat_zero_six is the real MVP. Kurtdawg’s right - - Community Badass indeed.

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The people here remind me of my old Black Hat Squad at Novus Prime Station. And they were all selectively hand picked.
Well, most of them.

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If it’s a fire version, it will rip Terra apart in TVHM. It eats ammo worse than any gun in BL 2, but it hits like a freight train against big targets.

I’m guessing that you mean the Slayer of Terramorphous COM. Even though it boosts the same skills as the Leg. Siren, it’s nowhere near as good. The stat boosts on the SoT are for burn damage, and elemental damage isn’t as effective in UVHM. The Leg. Siren will boost cooldown, gun damage and movement speed. Everything a siren needs! :wink: Until you get one, you’re better off with a Scheming Cat (SMG damage), a Cunning Binder (Reaper) or a Blurred Trickster (Chain Reaction).


But a Terra allegiance is so fun! You have to admit, it’s the best Slayer of the lot - and building around it and the other Terra gear ( Hide, Blood, Breath, Teeth and Pitchfork ) is actually surprisingly powerful…on fire maps obviously.

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I have trouble finding the Legendary Siren mod. :confused: So I’m using SoT atm.

Also, I just managed to kill Pete the Invincible a couple moments ago, and the best drop was Deadly Bloom. :unamused: And a bunch of car skins lol. Welp, underwhelming. I guess I’ll just move on to Hyperius now.
This is random, but I love Torgue’s DLC. You just can feel your beard and chest hair growing from sheer testosterone in that DLC, no matter whether you’re male or female lmfao

Yeah, the fire one. I always use that gun for bosses or Super/Ultimate Badasses, because the amount of ammo that Liquid Pitchfork eats up and the damage it does seems like a SUPER overkill on random mobs. I’d be just wasting ammo at that point. It already looks like all the ammo is gone after 4 reloads. I both love and hate this gun lmao.

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Donyou have the Mercenary Day headhunter pack? The train is where I got all of my first gen legendary coms the first time, and I think there is a thread somewhere here on the forums that tracks the drops from the train that shows they are fairly common (by the standards of RNGsus) in those chests.

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Nice the first kill is the hardest, succeeding ones will be easier. :hugs::hugs:

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I’m at a loss.

I have NO IDEA what to do with Voracidous. I can’t try Nat’s approach with Tresspasser (I accidentally sold it and I didn’t notice that because I’m an idiot) so I gotta deal with that chief the hard way. Which means the worst - - Ngwatu transfers his shield to Vorac before I manage to kill him. I kill the chief. Vorac goes apesh!t and stomps me to death. Same scenario every time.

Thought of using a Banshee mod + Incendiary dmg relic + Norfleet or HellFire/Sandhawk, but there’s no use in that, because I can’t even destroy Vorac’s shield.

I always die right before Vorac’s shield is down - I just spam Shock Fastballs and use Potent Thunderball Fists. Everything goes fine, the shield is depleting fast, but at the very end, like when there’s 2% of that shield left, Vorac just stomps on me once and that means an insta-death for me.

If I had Tresspasser, this would be far easier. :confused: Any suggestions on how to deal with Vorac’s shield? I mean, Shock Fastballs help a whole lot, and Thunderball Fists usually obliterates anyone’s shield in a heartbeat - I love that pistol - but it feels a bit too weak on Vorac.

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The Chief and Vora will swap the shield between them as long as the Chief is alive. When Vora doesn’t have the shield, that’s when you pound on him. When he has the shield, you just hang back and dodge any attacks. When the Chief finally dies, Vora’s health is hopefully pretty low, and then you take on the shield. A shock Sandhawk will do the job, but as long as it’s shock, any gun will do the job …eventually! :wink:

This is the hardest fight you can do on a Siren, imo. It’s a full time job just staying alive. I hate it! Still… It can be done! I’d suggest a change of COM to a Cat COM, and pair it with a good SMG. The Good Touch is a very good option for this fight, unless you have other ways of healing. In that case, a Sandhawk is the go-to gun. You said level 51, right? I would go like this for that fight.


There are few opportunities to phaselock things here, so I’ve skipped those skills. That also means that the healing skills are out. Get a Grog for this fight. Rubi works too, but it heals for less.

The Bee is your best option. If you want, you can also have something to swap to during the dodge phases. A purple Tediore shield will work well.

There’s also a neat trick… Not sure how to do it these days, since they patched it. Or at least tried to… Supposedly, it still works, but I’m unsure how to go about it these days. It’s called the Immolate glitch or Deal with the devil. Here’s a clip that illustrates it. Just do the same on Vora!

These conditions need to be realized.

The total health penalty from Hoplite + Banshee COM needs to be bigger than your own health pool. You might need to shut off BAR.

5/5 in Immolate

Grog Nozzle

Fire Norfleet ( mag size 4+)

With Vora, you have a small window before the Chief passes the shield the first time, but there you have it.

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Without a trespasser, it might be difficult to do the immolate trick since those shield is pretty hard to break.

You need to healthgate like a pro in this fight, do you do the Harold-Grog swap to Healthgate? keep practising it since you will need it. You can also healthgate via chain lightning, also try to timed your phaselock after his attacks and keep your attention to your Cloud Kill Skill in your HUD since it will also help you in healthgating.

you might also run out of ammo, so bring a lot of variety of weapons, and an Infinity as well.

When Voracidous is down to his 25% health, he will kill the chief, get the shield and be enraged so no matter what you do to protect the chief, he will get that shield eventually.

This is a kill at OP8 without a trespasser. Maybe it will help you to memorize his attack patterns.

Maybe this will help you out as well. I have seen someone in 72 almost kill Voracidous with a shock fastball, but he is using Axton and not Maya though.

Worst comes to worst you can ask help on someone and do a coop kill.

If you found no help, you can still try this under the map glitch method. This still works.

Good luck! You can do it.

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My approach would be a Stockpile relic for grenades to start off the fight. Get a Storm Front and buy as many grenades as you can. Wait until the chief transfers his shield to Vora, kill the chief. Let yourself be cornered by Vora so that he doesn’t move and hold a Grog/Rubi to heal and keep him slagged while spamming Storm Fronts. As soon as you get to 10 grenades, swap out your relic to a shock relic.

Considering you said you almost got his shield down using Fastballs, this should deplete his shield fairly fast in TVHM, but I’m gonna have to test it out later. If you feel uncomfortable letting yourself get cornered you can also try the same strategy with shock Fastballs.

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agree. Something like this. https://youtu.be/VYErR46AUOc

You just need a Grog. Key skills are Cloud Kill, Ruin and Recompense, at level 51 he can have something like this http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#000000000050500055005505015401

Warder Com, Maylay Shield and a Bone would help.

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It’s been so long since I did this fight, but isn’t there a brief window of opportunity right at the start of the fight? Just enough time to slag and pop off two norfleet salvos before he gets the shield?

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I haven’t experience that. What I experience is if the chief is alive and you bring down vorac health to 25%. he will get the shield and kill the chief with a nova. Even if you bring his health to 0 he will have a full shield and still alive.

Like what happen to our run here