TVHM character bug

Hello, i’ve played with my brother through all the TVHM mode and Normal Mode, logging with his account first. Problem is, when i try to play solo on my account, i have to play through ALL the TVHM again, having to complete all the story missions once more. But the weird thing is i dont have this problem wuth Normal Mode. Anyone can help me with this??

Have you tried just playing through the main story a bit? You should at some point trigger a “skip content completed in a different play through?” option which will skip you ahead to where you were in your TVHM co-op session.

Many thanks i will play the story a bit then!

I did what you told me, the option appeared but when i pressed skip the playthrough continued like nothing happened…

Not sure then. I would suggest opening a support ticket to see what they suggest.

I just did it, now to wait. Thank you very much for your help!!