TVHM Crew Challenges and Exploration Do Not Reset?

Is there any way to reset the crew challenges/map exploration? I started my TVHM playthrough and it shows the entire map completely explored and challenges completed? I find it really hard to find a reason to play through TVHM when every side thing is basically done, except for the quests.


Just made a topid on this aswell…

Is there way to reset exploration in TVHM?

No idea but I’d never do it if I could.

I don’t have to try to find things twice now! My excitement knows no bounds!

Technically speaking, map-exploration was never reset in the previous games when you start Playthrough 2 / TVHM. All things you found before would still be discovered. Only fast-travel spots were reset so you couldn’t fast-track your PT2/TVHM progress.

However, Crew Challenges not resetting is kinda stupid because it makes those shiny Typhon-caches rather… useless in Normal mode. Most people, in hindsight, would’ve preferred to open these in TVHM instead.

I respect the thought process, and wish I’dve known at the time so I could weigh my options…

But honestly a choice between “sweet guns now” and “a shitload of xp so you can farm out all the sweet at level guns you want later” is a tough call for me.