TVHM DLC level scaling BROKEN?

So everytime I reach the Claptastic Voyage in TVHM (after beating the campaign in TVHM) I am always level 48-50. Problem is, no matter what I do all enemies and quests in the dlc will be scaled to level 38-41. It’s not because I went there too early, and it’s not just the intro quest that’s under leveled. Posted this elsewhere first, they said to try here. If anybody knows a fix for this crap it would be greatly appreciated.

have u beaten the the sentinel? normally it wont scale until u beat the final boss in the campaign.

Yeah, beat the sentinel, saw all the other side quests I hadnt finish yet jump up to level 50, but I enter the Claptastic DLC and enemies don’t scale higher than 42.

Its funny because I had literally the opposite problem. I beat TVHM and killed the sentinel at level 44 (when the sentinel was at level 45), but every enemy has scaled upwards to level 50+ and i struggle to kill 1 lost legion guy, let alone the sentinel at level 50+. I cant ‘easily’ level up like before because i cant kill anything so side missions become impossible and levelling is impossible. I dont know whether the game just thinks im level 50 because i completed TVHM, but im only level 45 because i didnt do many of the side missions so i literally cannot do anything…