TVHM DLC Scaling Question

I took a fairly long break from TPS but when I heard that the Clap DLC was coming I started up a new character last week. I’ve just gotten my Athena to 30 and finished Normal mode but there is no way I’ll get through TVHM and I can’t remember how doing DLC in TVHM worked in BL2. Does it scale to whatever you are when you start it?

I don’t really wanna use one of my characters already in UVHM. I’m having more fun leveling Athena.

I think the DLC’s in Bl2 scaled to your level in TVHM, but had the minimum of 15 and 30 in Normal mode.

Might actually still have had the limit, but i’ve never beaten NVHM with a level 29.

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What Cowthulhu46 said.

See my answer here regarding doing the DLC in normal.

If you do it in TVHM it will probably start at a level near you but you’ll be hearing the second commentary.

I didn’t think about there being different commentary between NVHM and TVHM/UVHM mode in the DLC, but yep the main game was that way.

Dang! Guess I’ll just wait and see if I have to play on NVHM to hear the first set of dialog.

Alright good to know. I’ll probably do it in Normal first then.

Did normal mode DLC enemies scale with you in BL2 past 30? Or were they capped?

Tiny Tina DLC scaled from 30 to 35. Handsome Sorceror for example, was level 35.