TVHM - DLC - Too Many Things Carried Over From NVHM (SOLVED)

I was looking forward to running the Casino on TVHM M4.

There are Mayor (Kill this guy) Challenges. When I started to play the DLC in TVHM, these were already completed; from my NVHM playthrough.

Maps are already explored. Challenges already completed (Enemies not spawning)

Like the Typhoon logs in main game, if you complete them in normal mode, they are unavailable in TVHM.

So many disappointing things about this game it boggles the mind. If it stays this way I weep for the longevity of this game.

In BL2, non of this happened, starting any of the DLC’s in another mode (TVHM/UVHM/OP) Everything reset nicely.



As I recall, the area challenges and vault symbols didn’t reset…


That’s true. And for those type of challenges it made sense.

With BL3 these are enemy encounters that are not re-spawning, because they were defeated in an previous mode (NVHM), hardly conducive to longevity.

Will all the DLC be like this?
When UVHM is released, will all the dlc need to be left alone until reaching it (UVHM) and level cap, so we can get the rewards at the highest level?

Just so many little issues like this, splattered throughout the game. I really love this game, but there are just too many (imo) odd decisions being made.

Are following on to your comment, just Where Are the Vault symbols in this game? Another thing they left out, which in BL2 made exploring the maps a requirement. In this game, very little incentive to explore everything.

Reset Missions option :slight_smile:

Appreciate the reply, but that’s not what we are talking about here.

I can’t replay the DLC side quests and campaign? Or I can

Yes, you can reset the Campaign (Missions) - but on subsequent playthrough (of dlc) the mayor challenges to not reset.

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Eta - Reset available in TVHM only!

Also: I thought the mayor’s targets were farmable like Hammerlock’s and Zer0’s… are you perhaps looking to encounter them before you reach the point where they’re unlocked?

Unfortunately, my own experience in re-encountering them thus far has been through playing in other people’s games.

I don’t recall any enemy like that. Can you post an example?

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Evil Saint Lawrence / Junpai Goat Eater in the Spendopticon.
Georgious Armada in the Compactor
Degen-3 in the Inpound Delux.

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The one in the VIP tower respawns though. /shrugs.

As far as I know you can farm all of them, in fact I’m sure of that.

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The one in the VIP map spawns all the time. None of the others have spawned (for me) in countless runs of the map(s).

Are they supposed to be guaranteed?

I can’t speak for the DLC, but I don’t think all semi-boss spawns are guaranteed. Take El Dragon, Jr, from the main game. He doesn’t always turn up - but he is farmable in general.

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I have had most of those respawn pretty regularly. Getting the drop I was searching for has been a more challenging proposition.

Georgous Armada is always spawning, casue I killed that enemy every time I farmed for Lucky 7.
I’ll check later the rest, but I think they shows all the time.

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I’ve also had that one respawn in NVHM for sure; haven’t tried any of the DLC in TVHM yet.

It seems the consensus is pointing towards issue being my end. Odd though, game is fully up to date, and online with hotfixes applied.

I think I only encountered 1 of them in my single DLC playthrough, which either means that these are ‘rare spawns’, I did not explore every nook and cranny, or my memory is crap. Probably the latter.