TVHM - DLC - Too Many Things Carried Over From NVHM (SOLVED)

They only open up towards the end of the dlc when you get the mission of the mayor, you need to travel back to previous locations you visited, they are usually in a corner of a map or behind a VIP door, they spawn all the time :+1:

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Evil Saint Lawrence and Gorgeous Armada always spawns on me in Normal Mayhem 4 and TVHM Mayhem 4.

In fact I just farmed Armada for the past 2 days. Yes 2 days. Imagine how many hours and tries are those.

Not happening for me.
They all spawned without issue in Normal mode. In TVHM only the VIP Tower enemy re-spawns. Which he does every time I save/load.

Did you get through the TVHM story to the point where you meet the mayor?

I ran through the whole story, start to finish. I noticed it when I got to the compactor and Georgious Armada did not spawn.
Continuing the story until finish, only the VIP Tower re-spawned during story playthrough. And only he re-spawns now that I have completed the story.

Most odd. If a rare spawn, I would understand the Rng, but I have gone through the areas multiple times and none but the last one ever spawns.

Thats weird, but not surprising :smiley: But still there is no difference between Normal and TVHM if you play on Mayhem, so you can always switch the mode to farm specific drop.

I did the DLC on TVHM, curious if I start it on Normal the effect will be the same.

Do it. For science! (And loot)

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Did you press the switch for Degen or Enter the VIP lounge for Armada?

The button for Degen can be seen here at 23 seconds

Honestly cannot remember about switch for Degen. But I definitely when through the vip door for Armada.

Issue has been resolved now though. I reset the tvhm play-through, and they all re-spawned as expected while going through the campaign. I Obviously had a glitch there somewhere.

Thanks for everyoneโ€™s suggestions. And for anyone else having similar issue, try resetting the playthrough.