TVHM, do the named weps drop again?

quick question, just thought I would re-play through to pick up the 50 versions of the named weps.

Obviously, all the quest reward weps are given, but I have farmed the Skrak for the skeksill maybe 30 time in TVHM and 40 times on M3 and M4 and no Leech

Do these rare named drops still drop after the first run through?

The Leech is only a quest reward, I thought… you get it as you reach Sanctuary.


mmm I thought I had got it from the Named kill from the Jackobs Quests dam your right its the early tanis end mission quest, ah well that will teach me not to make notes TY

Sorry was confused meant the skeksil?

one point of interest on the new loot pools , I have had 3 versions of barrage drop from the Skrak in the last hour, looks like it may well be part of its new pool

It allegedly still drops the Skeksil as well as the Barrage. Here’s a helpful drop spreadsheet someone posted:

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you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, Thanks :slight_smile:

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