TVHM four player scaling

With the absence of a UVHM mode, how about we have the option to start TVHM with four player scaling and enemy health regen? Would certainly make playing through a second time more satisfying.

Perhaps enabling this option could also give more and different enemies, in the same way we had different and tougher enemies in BL2 UVHM.

What about adding some new gear that is specific to having this new difficulty mode enabled?


Why ?

I mean, why ask a new kind of setting ?

Ask directly for a redesign of TVHM itself, that should include different and tougher enemies, with specific gear tied to TVHM, and/or ask for Mayhem scaling balance and Mayhem/Anointments redesign.

Right now, TVHM is only a tool to replay cleared missions on Normal mode, and Mayhem has about 7 levels that have absolutely no use (Do you know anyone who fancies M3, M5, M7 or M9 ?).

There are already plenty of threads about that. Please don’t add complexity on clunkyness.

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Because we are more likely to get this than a complete overhaul. Plus it is giving the option for players who want regular difficulty to have a playthrough that scales with them. If we do the regular story playthrough we finish it around level 38ish.

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But isn’t TVHM just a mode that scales the game to the player’s level outside of mayhem?

So I’m actually more inclined to agree with the other person and like in BL2 make UVHM a mode with harder enemies (not sure how they could possibly improve difficulty outside adding more health but then again, I’m not a developer…)

People now love they powercreep stuff in the game now… And there are people like me who absolutely hate it (blasting through M10/11 like it’s M1 isn’t really that much fun or challenging)

Adding UVHM is like having your cake and eating it too… It doesn’t hurt anybody that doesn’t want to play it.

  1. TVHM scales with player just like Normal mode, AFAIK. Both TVHM and Normal have Mayhem on top of that.

  2. OP suggested some additionnal setting where enemies would be scaled for 4 players, regardless of number of players, and maybe there would be some “new” enemies, I suggested “new” TVHM enemies should be directly part of TVHM, rather than adding another setting of difficulty.

  3. I’m totally ok for more difficulty, but if that just means enemies turn to bullet sponges and/or get invicibility phases every 2 seconds, that’s not my cup of tea. When I say “new” enemies, I expect a badass version of existing enemies, with different attacks and (hopefully) smarter A.I.

  4. I don’t like powercreep, I also asked before some tuning down of anointments and a real balance of weapons (which would effectively increase difficulty, if guns don’t do +200% damage, but just have a 10% elemental bonus instead, and if pistols don’t deal 10 times the damage of rocket launchers).

Keep in mind it’s not like BL2 where “Normal” stopped at Lv35 and “TVHM” stopped at Lv50, so you had to turn to “UVHM” to replay missions and get higher levels. BL3 has a “Normal” mode that scales up to max level, a “TVHM” where you can replay missions, and Mayhem levels to adjust difficulty. There is no need to add a “UVHM”, as there is room to improve TVHM and Mayhem (and simplify that crappy anointment system).

Scaling TVHM to 4 players to adjust single player difficulty is just not a good option IMO, that would just be like a bandage on a plaster while waiting surgery ; better ask directly surgery.

Nope :wink: normal caps at 30 iirc only bothered with TVHM on Zane haha

TVHM scaled with your character from the start

But seeing that mayhem makes normal scale the same as TVHM makes this pretty useless haha

No. Just no. You cant simply toss health shields and armor at a problem and hope that is solution. The game would have to be rebalanced from the ground up including all rarity items, action skills, pets, etc. Just not worth it.


But you know in your heart that’s not gonna happen. At least my suggestion would provide some sort of challenge for ultra-endgame players.

Personally I love playing through the campaign and I would enjoy having more enemies that were a little tougher.

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Normal mode has fixed scaling, until mayhem is enabled after completing the main campaign. That is why you can go back to areas and they will be very low level even if you are a higher level. TVHM has the whole game scaling with you.

Allas, you’re both right :sob:

More enemy health/shields/armor doesn’t absolutely mean more challenge.
For what concerns me enemies could have 20 times more health and be 10 times more numerous and it would not make a difference in difficulty. It would only take longer for them to die but between life steal, invincibility frames and a ffyl timer that lasts almost forever the player would have no difficulty at all at winning any encounter.
What Arms Race teaches is that the only way to give back some challenge to the game is too strip it down back to its bases, but is it what most players want?
Personally I’ve come to appreciate the game for what it is, a fast paced FPS where you jump mindlessly into the action and keep going as long as you keep going.
Mind you I also love more slow paced and tactical games like Mass Effect (up until 3) where if you put your head out of cover for a second without a plan on higher difficulties you’re dead, but it’s another kind of game…


I would love 4 player scaling in TVHM. Also a calling for backups mode like the Cartels event. Resetting a playthrough and doing it with a well geared character is a joke. We need more things to do in the game. I don’t like the Guardian takedown so that leaves me with the Maliwan takedown, the Slaughters and proving grounds. Anything that would make a playthrough tougher would be welcome. We need more things to do at endgame. We have new skilltrees but no new content to use them on.


Is this under a pure blitz the main game without any sidequest or DLC approach? Or perhaps a console vs PC? I know for fact I broke level 30 on normal mode without using Mayhem or outside assistance on PC before facing Tyreen.

But yeah thanks to mayhem I do agree the current approach makes TVHM scaling adjustments kind of useless.

Do you know you can use grenades and shields without anointments and the enemies will take longer to kill?



Well knowing is half the battle. I did my part

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I have around 1500 hours into BL3. And suggestions of using lower tier/unanointed gear is something that has been put forward many times by many posters on many threads, directed at many people who have raised ideas like this in the past.

Having an option to turn on 4 player scaling, as we do in the takedowns, would, imho, be a good thing. I don’t know why you would argue against something that is an option, particularly as TVHM is itself optional due to mayhem scaling in normal mode. It is almost as if you are arguing the point for argument’s sake.

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The game was so boring I just actually played normal and TVHM once and that’s the first time :sweat_smile:

The other’s I really just plowed through it and got even more bored with the game in the process :sweat_smile:

I remember that quest items capped at 30 in normal and scaled in TVHM.

Sorry I can’t tell much more hahaha… By this time in BL2 I think I finished maybe 2 characters on all 3 modes haha and I still play BL2… I actually play that one atm seeing I don’t really have anything I want to do in 3 (including playing the game again from the start)

I had one of each character through all 3 playthroughs before I lost most of the saves when transferring from ps3 to ps4 (a cockup by myself). I’m almost tempted to do a new Zero playthrough, thinking about it.

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Lost my first Maya somewhere and I actually didn’t really mind leveling her again nor doing the whole story again :joy:

Hell, I recently started again with krieg, however not really enjoyed playing him ever :sweat_smile:

So I think I’m going for a new Axton haha (don’t think I did OP levels with him) but just playing BL2 feels more fun :confused:

I do miss sliding and vaulting :sweat_smile: outside of that I really don’t miss anything from 3