TVHM gunzerker weapons

I currently have a 41 gunzerker in TVHM and primarily use a rubi and a harold while gunzerking as my weapons. should I try to stick with a 37 harold until I reach lvl 50 to use a 50 harold, try to farm for a double penetrating harold to stick with until 50, or is there another great gun to use before I hit 50 if this harold gets kind of outdated in damage?

Your level 37 variant probably wont last until 50. I start using DPUH at lvl 40, which you are at. As long as you have a slag/moxxi weapon in the off hand, you’ll do well against most enemies. If you have the Torgue DLC, possibly consider a ravager shotgun or pocket rocket pistol.

x2 on the ravager if I may add try for one w/ a casual prefix. One time, I also got Pete to drop a double penetrating pocket rocket though I honestly have not used so I don’t have much experience w/ it. Thanks mostly whenI got a hold of a DPUH.

If you have the Mr Torgue DLC definitely farm the Torgue machines for a new Unkempt Harold- they also hold class mods for Sal on occasion too. If push comes to shove, look for more gold key shift codes from your favorite source and use them…

golden keys won’t help me except for the small chance to get a better berserker mod.
my current gear is
lvl 37 harold
a lvl 19 corrosive rubi because when i got it I wasn’t trying to get a slag one
a torgue shotgun (37 ravager) that i dont really even use
and a rocket launcher for if I go down
sheriff’s badge
blue unhinged berserker mod
lvl 35 magic missile. (i did try farming for a chain lightning but i eventually gave up)
then i choose between a bee, flame of the firehawk or sham depending on situation.
also you know how much time it would take to get 600+ torgue tokens to buy a new harold in the DLC? for all i know I might gain enough levels by then to use a 48 harold I have in my vault, or I’d be way overleveled for the rest of TVHM story.
the pocket rocket idea was considerable, as well as right now I’m trying to farm for a DPUH

There are So. Many. Guns! I understand the attraction to the DPUH - use it myself quite a bit - but I also use what I find in the game, mission rewards, etc. Fun gunzerking weapons are plasma casters, Bitches, any other decent SMG, certain assault rifles (Kerblaster ftw), etc. Don’t limit yourself to a DPUH: your at a perfect time to try out other gun combinations; plus, even though the DPUH is a real devastator, slag + matched element can be just as damaging. Mix it up some, and have a blast!

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I know there are tons of guns. I have a 72 zer0, 72 krieg, 67 maya, 51 axton, 51 gaige, and my 42 salvador.
but in my mind the best weapons to right-hand gunzerk with are torgue pistols and hyperion shotguns (and also the norfleet-sham combo which I dont think I will use even if I ever get two norfleets because it supposedly takes the fun out of the game). something with damage over an area and a good fire rate.

I always liked the Rubi/Heart Breaker combo for Sal early on- even in TVHM it should still rock (do you have a slag Rubi from your normal play thru?). And as far as worrying about gaining too many XP from doing the Barroom Brawl- do it in normal. You’ll get little to no XP and still get 25 tokens (1 token per badass bouncer, the rest upon completion) once you finish it. If I did the math right you could get 100 in 10 minutes, 600+ in an hour- and that’s assuming it takes you the full 2:30 to get done, which if you’re playing in normal shouldn’t happen. As far as another type of gun to use, have you tried Vladof Anarchists with Sal yet? Any Maliwan pistol should help, especially if you get a slag one. Are you far enough into the main game in TVHM to get to The Dust- the Gwen’s Head should be at your level for story missions there I think, as well as the side missions from Mordecai…

the rubi I have is corrosive because when i got it I wasnt trying to get a slag one.
seeing the gwen’s head is dahl makes it contradictory to how to use salvador. you can’t aim down sights for that 7 burst while gunzerking, and I try to always be gunzerking when fighting enemies.
I actually am currently in pete’s bar save-quitting until a pocket rocket is in the machine to see how many tokens it is and how much damage (I currently have 55 tokens, I think it costs 65 but not sure), or I could also get a slapper pistol if pocket rocket not enough damage, though either way I hope i can get a DP version. I dont think I want to farm the brawl for an hour or how long it takes to get 613 tokens.
also guess what. After doing 3 rounds of bar brawl, the rematch SCALES TO LVL 50.
Cant really farm that.

A Rubi is always nice to have, but I doubt a corrosive version from playthrough 1 is gonna help a whole lot. Do you have the Tiny Tina DLC? If so, open the Claptrap mission to keep the Grog Nozzle. obviously, this will help immensely compared to a low level corrosive Rubi.

I’d highly recommend checking out Chuck80’s Deputy Sal build too. Extremely powerful and much more fun than boring Unkemp Harold spamming, imo.
Easy to use with a variety of shotguns that are probably easier to find leveling up compared to faming for Harolds as well.

You could try and find Coach guns, Quads, Bushwacks, do the mssion to get the Triquetra, even use Ravagers and Hulks if you want. And of course, getting a Rustlers Orphan Maker is the ideal weapon. Can be a pain but it’s damage output is amazing. You can easily hit the visual damage cap at level 72 with the right setup.

Just a suggestion. It’s a great build and very good for leveling up.

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(I’m on xbox one with the handsome collection so yes I have all DLC) I guess it can’t harm me to start tiny tina at lvl 46 right now just to get the grog. I dont think there are any good quest weapons in dragon keep that I would want to have a lvl 50 version of, and I can just use another character to get a lvl 50 magic missile or chain lightning. I actually just got a pocket rocket to replace my harold. As soon as I hit 48 I can use a 48 harold I have, then a 50 DPUH I also have at 50 so I Think I’m fine now, especially if I go get the grog.

In that case have you hit the Marcus loot train yet with your Sal? You could always get lucky and find one there- not sure if it continues to scale with you in TVHM as I did all the HH packs in UVHM…

get lucky and find what?
new better berserker mod or harold?
right now I just hit lvl 50 with sal and can use a lvl 50 DPUH I already had, and I am about to use a different character to farm that train for a better berserker mod.
either way, I am no longer having gear problems with sal.

Both actually- and continued good luck with Sal… :v:

If you can land critical his while gunzerking, the fact that you’re not in burst fire mode is somewhat irrelevant. I’ve probably used Gwen’s Other Head (the TPS version) more and, if anything, burst fire seems to make it trickier to land crits. As long as the base fire rate is reasonable, any Dahl weapon is worth trying out on Sal - you never know what you’ll find works until you use it!

Everything works in TVHM, I suggest you just play the game and try what you find. You’ll have plenty of time later in UVHM to be pigeonholed into a cookies cutter load out. Enjoy your total freedom while it lasts. :slight_smile: