Is tvhm harder or is it not worth doing at all

I would say it is worth doing for endgame content and in anticipation for UVHM considering you won’t be able to start UVHM without having done TVHM.

TVHM itself is not that hard but assuming you have reached level 50 first all the loot and enemies will be scaled to your level, so you can collect some of the better Quest reward Gear at level 50.

I’m doing TVHM right now and it’s definetly harder. I went from Normal Mayhem 3 to TVHM (Without any Mayhem) and it’s basically the same difficulty.

So when I eventually apply M3 to TVHM I will be getting the willy from enemies on a much more frequent basis. So far the loot has been average at best (Even with a loot increase artifact). So I’ll probably switch to Normal M3 after completing TVHM.

TVHM on Mayhem 3 isnt hard at all if you can adjust your weapons according to given affix.
Dificulty comes when noob press “start” on proving ground without gief time to read affix.

I don’t think UVH mode is coming anytime time soon. Maybe not at all if they can’t handle trying to balance the game over the current 8 different difficulties and get match making to work properly.
Currently match making is a complete cluster f°°k on consoles. You have to be near the same lvl the same part of the story and using 1 of 8 different difficulties to find a match.
With NO options to find one manualy.
And don’t even get me started with balances… From TVH MH3 mode to standard game mode how do you make stuff work effectively in TVHM MH3 and not be WAY too OP for everything else?
Now add 4 more difficulty levels into the mix with UVHM…
Ughh… I could just imagine the people in the dev department banging their heads against their keyboards…


May not come at all if Mayhem is their idea of a replacement.

They may just want to do TVHM with who knows how many levels of Mayhem.

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While “harder” is relative, I’d say no with a caveat. In TVHM stuff is just a bit more bullet spongey for the benefit of a higher drop rate for rare loot. Bullet spongey isn’t just more health etc, they also stick shields or armour on some stuff that is health only in normal mode etc.

Neither the sponginess or extra loot drops make a huge difference before that’s amplified again by Mayhem mode but in Mayhem 3 the difference is at least noticeable.

Definitely tougher, if nothing else because there’s more anointed and from the begining.

Also, if it’s like BL2, it should have increased matching element damage and penalty for unmatching, can’t confirm that though).

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So technically TVHM is “harder”, but in reality it isn’t.

While things have more hp’s and you have more anointed and more badasses, if you are even remotely geared decently you will obliterate everything faster then on normal, but you will also take more damage and can die easier then on normal. On TVHM you now generally have the skills in your arsenal that start to make you much more OP then you ever were in NVHM with the lower level skills.

So if you are just taking out mobs 1 by 1 and even remotely being careful, you will annihilate everything, but if you are rushing like a lot of people do in NVHM, you can get in over your head easy and die because the mobs are doing more damage.

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Tvhm playthrough is where you really get to have fun… You know your class, have decent gear and can really put the game through it’s paces…

It’s definitely worth the time if you enjoy playing the game.

But don’t feel like you have to play tvhm…

It’s an option for the true vault hunters, the weirdos who have been through this before and will be going through all of this again soon enough.

Plus, it’s not like you have to rush and decide now, it will be available to you if /when you feel like running the whole game again.

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Another thing to consider about TVHM is what level you enter it at.
If you go in at level 50, you have all of your skill points assigned and some Guardian Rank built up. You should also have some quality weapons.

If you go in at Level 37 or so, you may not have as much Guardian rank, maybe some not so good weapons. Plain TVHM still felt easier to me than NVHM simply because no matter what, the enemies are scaled to your level.
In NVHM you could end up in parts of the story underlevelled if you didn’t do any side missions.

I took Amara in at Level 50, mostly because there are some good mission reward weapons I wanted at level 50 and that seemed the only way to get them at 50.
Now with the Mayhem modifiers available it has made TVHM a bit more challenging and I like it that way. Certain maps seem to have more of the crappy (aka Anointed Militants) enemies than others.
Took me quite a while to get through the prison to rescue Hammerlock, but defeating Warden was a breeze. This was because due to Mayhem there were many Anointed I had to go through.

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I will always level my toons to 50 before starting because I want the rewards to be lvl 50.

I have no idea what everyone is smoking . TVHM was a MILLION times easier than my normal playthru. Not even remotely close. I started level 50 with all that legendary gear and blew thru bosses I died s dozen times against on normal. It was so easy I had to exit to menu one time to double check If in really on TVHM

To that one guy saying TVHM is as hard as Normal Mayhem 3… are you joking ? This has to be a joke


Well you have elite gear and maxed out skills. What makes mayhem harder is enhanced enemies and typically penalties to some of your skills. I don’t think TVHM was ever designed to be more difficult than Mayhem on normal.

I’d have to play TVHM at a lower level and average loot to have any idea how much harder it is than normal but yes TVHM with no mayhem added is not anywhere near as tough as Mayhem 3 normal

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I’m only playing it to get the level 50 quest rewards. Some of them aren’t too bad. Well at least I find them useful, e.g. NOG Potion #9 and the like.

The added bonus is that you can add Mayhem levels if you want it more challenging.

This grenade is helpful on slaughterhouse

Base TVHM is harder than base Normal. However, my relatively brief experience with Normal at Mayhem 1 gives me the opinion that TVHM is, if not easier than NM1, at least less filled with tedious bullet sponges.

TVHM Mayhem 3 is challenging but not to the point where it becomes a chore and not fun. To me, it doesn’t ‘feel’ that different to Borderlands 2’s TVHM or even Presequel. Your experience may vary, though. Oh, and it’s totally worth doing.

on my first playthrough I unlocked TVHM at 42 or something and repeated the story mode on TVHM. The thing that really stood out was that a lot of the mission rewards are kinda “fun” or “useful” but gone in a level or two if you dont aquire them at 50.

Thats why I made the decision to grind up to 50 on normal on my second playthrough so I can start TVHM at 50 without having to worry about item level degradation. Worked for me so far…

As for the difficulty. Stuff doesnt “feel” harder on TVHM but the amount of badasses and annoited enemies is higher thus the challenge is higher. The regular trash Mobs or even bosses tho dont feel in any way more difficult


The only reason I considered running through the campaign again on TVHM was to hedge against a possible UVHM add in at some point. Other than that, NVHM Mayhem 3 has been the go to.